The Best Top Load Washer Machines – 2019

When you’re trying to choose a washing machine there are literally dozens of variables to consider, and conflicting reviews make it a mind-boggling experience. When I needed to buy a top load washer I couldn’t believe how hard it was — and I’m a former home magazine editor-in-chief (which is only to say that I’m used to making sense of complicated consumer research).

[NOTE: This article was last updated on January 11, 2019]

Faced with my family’s growing mound of dirty clothes,  I decided to get down to the bottom of it. I looked at the top-rated, top-loading washing machine reviews on Home Depot’s website and Best Buy‘s website. Then I tallied them together and analyzed the results. Ta-da!

You’ll find the answers below — including details on the Maytag Bravos I ended up buying. PLUS, you can now find a video of my washing machine on the spin cycle, as it spins a very large, heavy duty load of laundry. I added this in because it’s so hard to tell about noise level when you read about it.

Best Washing Machines that Top Load 2019


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Please keep in mind that there’s really no way to create an ABSOLUTE best list because there are so many variables involved in buying a washing machine. Something that’s perfect for you may lack details that I need, and vice-versa. You need to ask yourself a series of very specific questions just to know what your priorities are.

If you want to skip reading about my methodology, just keep scrolling until you get to the best washing machine model details. If you want to know the nitty-gritty, I’ve first outlined exactly what I did. Also, take a look at the dozens of reader comments on this article — there’s a lot of great insight packed into them!

My Methodology for Choosing the Best Top Load Washer Machine Models:

  1. When I did my research, I first narrowed my focus by excluding portable washers and washer-dryer combo machines.

2. I  also looked at all of the top-rated washing machines in the top-loading category on the websites of Home Depot and Best Buy. I picked these websites because they carry a large selection. I buy my big appliances from Home Depot because I find that the appliance savings are usually the best there, plus it offers free shipping on most orders over $45. I limited my research here to models that had at least 500 reviews, because I needed some way to narrow them down. I only include models that have a 4.0-star rating or higher.

However, this is an imperfect science: These two stores often carry different models and different brands. And sometimes a model that gets more than 500 great reviews on one site doesn’t get that many on the other.

3. I looked at the U.S. government’s ENERGY STAR ratings of the most efficient washing machines.

>>Affiliate notice: I research every product I recommend, and I only give high marks to the very best. Some of the links here may be affiliate links, which means I may receive compensation from companies if you purchase from them. This is at no cost to you and it helps me keep this website running. So thanks for helping me! I independently own this site and the opinions expressed here are my own.<<

My Results: The Best Top Load Washers of 2019

Here’s what I came up with as a result of all this. Scroll down to see my breakdown brand by brand, and model by model.

Note that the prices listed are based on prices from Home Depot’s website and Best Buy’s website from January 11, 2019. Within each brand I’ve listed the models in order by machine capacity (as measured in cubic feet).

Amana Brand (owned by The Whirlpool Corporation)

Model NTW4516FW – 3.5 cu. ft. Top Load Washer in White. 4.3 stars out of 3,543 ratings on

LG Brand

Model WT1501CW 4.5 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Front Control Top Load Washer in White, ENERGY STAR. 4.3 stars out of 4,519 ratings on Also has 4.6 stars out of 1,267 ratings on $719

LG WT1501CW is one of the best washing machines



Model WT7600HKA – 5.2 cu. ft. High Efficiency Top Load Washer with Steam and Turbo Wash in Black Stainless, ENERGY STAR. Has 4.5 stars out of 710 ratings on Home Depot. $947. Also comes in white (Model WT7600HWA, $898).

Model WT7200CW – LG – 5.0 Cu. Ft. 8-Cycle Top-Loading Washer in White. 4.6 stars out of 1,759 ratings on Home Depot. 4.7 stars out of 1,008 ratings on $728. Comes in graphite steel, too (Model WT7200CV, $798).

Whirlpool Brand

Model WTW5000DW – 4.3 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer in White. 4.3 stars out of 14,985 ratings on Also has 4.3 stars out of 2,957 ratings on $497.

Whirlpool WTW5000DW is one of the best washing machine models
Whirlpool WTW5000DW


Model WTW7000DW – 4.8 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer with Adapative Wash Technology in White, Intuitive Touch Controls. 4.4 stars out of 3,221 ratings on Also has 4.4 stars out of 1,178 ratings on $719

Model WTW8000DW – 5.3 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer with Adapative Wash Technology in White, Intuitive Touch Controls. 4.4 stars out of 3,770 ratings on $899.

Model WTW8500DC – 5.3 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer with ColorLast in Chrome Shadow, Intuitive Touch Controls. Also comes in white. 4.4 stars out of 3,128 ratings on $1,169.

Maytag Models (also owned by the Whirlpool Corporation):

Model MVWC565FW – 4.2 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer in White with Deep Water Wash and PowerWash. 4.4 stars out of 9,163 ratings on $568

Model MVWX655DW – Bravos 4.3 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer in White. 4.4 stars out of 16,852 ratings on Also has 4.3 stars out of 1,254 ratings on $577

This is the washing machine I ended up buying after all my research! I absolutely love it because it’s perfect for my family’s needs. It holds TONS of laundry, so I find that I do fewer loads overall. I can actually wash a few blankets at once (including king-sized). Plus I find that my clothes don’t come out super wrinkled because there’s no center post — it’s just one big, open tub.

I really like the old-fashioned knobs. It’s very basic and easy to use; no computer panel to deal with. Aesthetically I really like the glass door, though I can’t say it’s ever been useful to be able to see the clothes spinning.

The water-saving feature means that it comes out in a continuous trickle and the tub won’t fill above the clothes unless you tell it to. When I first got it I thought it couldn’t possibly be using enough water. But my clothes always come out clean and our water bill hasn’t gone up at all.

I have no complaints, except a word of warning: It takes longer for a load to complete washing because of the energy-saving feature. A stuffed-full, heavy duty load takes 64 minutes. I think it’s worth it.

The washing machine I bought after all this: The Maytag Bravos MVWX655DW
The washing machine I bought after all this: The Maytag Bravos MVWX655DW

Based on a reader’s request: Here’s a video I made so you can hear the wash cycle! Listen through to the end. It makes a sound about 6 times when it first starts to fill, but then the sound goes away.

Here’s a video I made so you can hear the spin cycle, which is so quiet! You can also see how it spins with no central agitator. Very cool.

  • For this video I loaded in a ton of heavy duty stuff: 7 bath towels, one throw blanket, 3 hand towels, 9 washcloths, and 1 tablecloth. There’s a photo of this laundry load in the video.
  • It took a total of 64 minutes to complete the load.
  • I set it to “heavy” wash; warm water; bulky/sheets setting.

Two more things worth noting about this washer (with gorgeous photos from my laundry closet):

  1. It has a 10-year warranty! (Ignore that wire shelf reflected on the glass door; it’s my shelf with lots of stuff on it.) And yeah, it’s a limited parts warranty, but 10 years sounds like a good long time to me.


Maytag Bravos washing machine 10-year warranty
Maytag Bravos washing machine 10-year warranty


2) It’s “designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S.A.” For any American who’s taken a look around their home recently and noticed how many things aren’t made here anymore, I think this is a very cool fact. I personally love supporting local companies.

Maytag Bravos is made in the USA
Maytag Bravos is made in the USA


The other best Maytags:

Model MVWB765FW– 4.7 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer with PowerWash Cycle in White (with agitator). Also comes in metallic slate (Model MVWB765FC). 4.5 stars out of 4,836 ratings on $628

Model MVWB835DW – 5.3 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer in White. 4.3 stars out of 6,606 ratings on 4.4 stars out of 528 ratings on $738. Also comes in Chrome Shadow (Model  MVWB835DC), $788.

Model MVWC465HW – 3.8 cu. ft.  High-Efficiency White Top Load Washing Machine with Deep Fill Option. 4.5 stars out of 639 ratings on $487

Model MVWB835DW – 5.3 cu. ft. High-Efficiency White Top Load Washing Machine with Deep Clean Option, ENERGY STAR. 4.4 stars out of 8,555 ratings on $767.

Model MVWB865GW – 5.2 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with the Deep Fill Option and Power Wash Cycle in White. 4.6 stars out of 1,227 ratings on Home Depot. $767.

GE Brand

Model GTW330ASKWW 3.8 cu. ft. DOE Top Load Washer in White. 4.1 stars out of 4,454 ratings on $478

Model GTW460ASJWW – 4.2 cu. ft. Top Load Washer in White. 4.1 stars out of 9,801 ratings on Also has 4.3 stars out of 1,063 ratings on $498

Model GTW750CPLDG – 5.0 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Diamond Gray Top Load Washing Machine and Wi-Fi Connected with SmartDispense, ENERGY STAR. 4.4 stars out of 748 ratings on $748

Model GTW685BSLWS – 4.5 cu. ft. High-Efficiency White Top Load Washing Machine, ENERGY STAR. 4.3 stars out of 606 ratings on $627

Model GTW680BSJWS – 4.6 cu. ft. Top Load Washer in White, ENERGY STAR. 4.3 stars out of 4,416 ratings on $627. (Editor’s Note: Please read Kevin’s comment in the comments section below about his machine becoming unbalanced. I’ve since read similar comments about this model from others reviewers on the Web. Enough people give the machine great reviews that it made my list. But it sounds like the performance of this machine can be unreliable…)

Samsung Brand

Note: When I checked the site, no Samsung top-load washers had more than 300 reviews, so I didn’t include those ratings here.

Model WA45M7050AW – 4.5 Cu. Ft. 9-Cycle Top-Loading Washer in White. 4.1 out of 610 on $719.

Model WA50M7450AW – 5.0 Cu. Ft. 11-Cycle High-Efficiency Top-Loading Washer in White. 4.6 stars out of 928 ratings on Also has 4.0 stars out of 641 ratings on $627.

Model WA40J3000AW – 4.0 cu. ft. Top Load Washer in White. 4.1 stars out of 770 ratings on $584

Here are other good articles worth reading:

Do you have questions about buying a washing machine?

Please let me know what you think of this list by leaving a comment below, or if you think I need to make any corrections. This is complicated stuff, but hopefully my research will help you find a model you’ll be happy with!


  1. I also agree that it is very difficult to know which washing machine especially if this is your first time. Thank you for sharing your methodology. There are so many great machines but only one to choose from and I like that you shared the best 19 with us.

    I have some appliances at home from the LG brand and so I can choose a best washing machine 2020 from that brand if I can’t really set my mind to it. But the other brand I am interested in is the Whirlpool brand. I also appreciate you for sharing the video. I already love Maytag Braavos.

  2. I also agree that knowing which washing machine to buy is really hard especially if it’s your first time. Thank you for sharing your approach. There are so many best machines to choose from but only one and I like you shared the best 10 with us.

  3. choosing a top loader when you have so many options is quite a difficult task especially if you are not familiar with these types of things. Previously I am using Maytag top loader but frankly speaking em not fully satisfied with its performance. thinking about LG brand after reading your post. Thanks for the information 🙂

  4. I completely agree with the fact that it is tough to select the best washing machine, depending on your requirement.
    Choosing the best one among different models and brands is a difficult task, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Thanks for sharing your methodology.
    I like the LG brand. Therefore, I might buy an LG washing machine. But I am also interested in the IFB brand. Thanks again for this information.

  5. Thank you for all you have done here. I was doing similar research and I appreciate your efforts, and I really love how detailed and well-researched your guides are. I can only imagine the time you spent working on those.

  6. Thank you for all you have done here. I was doing similar research and I appreciate your efforts, and I really love how detailed and well-researched your guides are. I can only imagine the time you spent working on those.

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  8. Good Luck with your Bravos. I bought this washer just 4 years ago and it is broken already. The spline is stripped and the repair would cost me over $727, which is more than I paid for it!!!! The repairman even admitted they are made cheaply.

  9. I love LG brand and using its washing machine since 2015 and now I want to change that one so can you suggest me which brand is best in the market right now for 7 kg capacity, fully automatic with front load.

  10. Thanks for sharing this article with us but I wanted to know that How do you load clothes in the machine? The manual says to place them in piles around the impeller. But it looks in the photo like the towels are just all dumped in all over? Can you help Please out?

  11. I am very much considering buying this machine. However, I would have liked to seen from your video the water filling up until it stopped, so that we can see how much water there is. There are so many saying this model barely has any water in it when it washes their clothes. Some only say two inches.

  12. We have had 3 new machines in 12 years. The first, Whirlpool Cabrio started having issues after 13 months. Second was Maytag Bravos, only lasted 4 years and replaced with Bravos XL. Not even 4 years, it stopped working properly. 2 service trips out here and 52 days later, company is refunding the cost of machine. I will never purchase Whirlpool or Maytag again. I hate to constantly have to travel 25 miles twice a week $30-40 week to nearest laundromat while waiting for service under warranty.

    • After doing my own research I think you got a really good deal, after all no other company … would GIVE YOU your money back after 4 years. Samsung is trash along with so many other makes that sell the glitz but not the work. A warranty is the big selling point today not all the frills that’s why I’m going to get a Maytag today … because of the warranty which others don’t have unless you BUY it.

  13. Aloha, after some months of agonizing research about washing machines (who
    knew they could be so complicated!) I purchased a Maytag Bravos too, after reading your reviews. I am unfamiliar with this impeller technology and remain somewhat skeptical as I ran my first few loads. It really doesn’t look like the impeller could move heavy towels around, let alone get them clean but it did. It was helpful to see how big a load you put in, since I wasn’t sure how much to put in. My question is: how do you load clothes in the machine? The manual says to place them in piles around the impeller. But it looks in the photo like the towels are just all dumped in all over? I guess this new technology will take some getting use to.

  14. I liked this article – although not a scientific study, it ended up about what I would have thought. We had a Maytag we bought in the late 1990’s I think it was and not a problem with it at all – a quiet-pack model as I remember purchased from Southern Appliance. No repairs no thing up until the time we sold our house last year and had to leave it for the seller as a condition of sale. We moved into our new house and have a 2014 Kenmore (Whirlpool) Model 110-20022013 and I’m already having to replace the water inlet valve assembly and had to replace the hoses leaking into the inlet valve. Other than that the Kenmore has been ok. We miss our Maytag though – quiet, sturdy, dependable. Nothing like going through the years not having to worry about the washing machine, which is more than I can say for the Kenmore that is only five years old this year. I’ll be looking at a Maytag when I replace this Kenmore and I hope Maytag is still making dependable washers at that time. See yaaaa.

  15. I also agree that it is really difficult to know which washing machine to buy especially if it is your first time. Thanks for sharing these points for making clear our plan.

  16. Hi, I found your web page very interesting and informative. I had GE Washers and dryers for decades until about 5 years ago when the last pair I bought died. I switched to Maytag because they are American made. I also got the top load Bravos washer and dryer with the neat windows. I like them a lot, but if I want to get lint off of my washable dark colored slacks I have to send them to the dry cleaners. That has been my complaint since day one – if there is not lint on the clothes when they go in there is when they come out. Does anyone have any suggestions? I wash dark’s separately and in cold water. I joke that I would love to find a brand new – unused – circa 1985 GE filter-flow washer. I never had any problem with them (and they lasted 15 years minimum)! I have also used unscented dryer sheets for years and never had any problem with the sensor in the dryer. Maybe that was a problem with the earlier models?

    • Sadly this is a common complaint with the Bravos. In addition you will find many complaints regarding it’s design flaw which results in the accumulation of filth under the agitator. This is usually discovered when the washer throws an SD or LD error and the drain pump needs attention. In the process of dealing with the drain pump one must remove the agitator and center drum. Underneath is a landscape that would put a petri dish to shame. One of the symptoms associated with this problem is a strong smell.

  17. I got a new HE Kenmore and we have the same complaints as most people who buy one of these no agitator washers not enough water going into the machine I want to help save the planet and all but this has gone a bit far I really am thinking about putting my brand new washer on Craigslist and going to buy another agitator washer. and yes it uses less water so maybe it saves you a few cents on not heating up as much water but goes right back out the window with more electricity use for run times being much longer and if you fill the machine even half full, the stuff on the top does not get pulled down into the water until almost the end of the cycle. sometimes improving the wheel takes time and as far as I am concerned go back to the drawing board. IT AINT RIGHT YET Don’t fix what aint broke if you can’t fix it. And obviously you can’t !!!!

    • Marc, thank you for expressing my concerns and frustrations while trying to buy a washer. I had two Kenmore washers lasting me 38 years. The washer reviews all complain of not enough water to clean the clothes. I too want to conserve water but I want clean clothes too.

  18. I just bought the exact same model washer…it’s being delivered Friday! My daughter has a Samsung set that are just now 3 years old and both the washer and the dryer have broken down and needed repairs. She warned me not to go for all the bells and whistles. I knew I didn’t want one with a digital panel…I prefer knobs and dials. I also didn’t want an agitator.
    I looked at all the major players and compared features, though I didn’t compare energy usage, in the end the Maytag Bravos was my choice….my only wish is that it played music instead of buzzed when the cycle is finished😁
    Thank you for the videos, they confirmed my choice! Not a bit noisy!!

  19. Bought this washer from Home Depot.
    Found out ( after using it 1 time & wanting to RETURN it for another Model )
    that Home Depot is a “BROKER” they sell the washer, take their cut & send the balance to
    Home Depot would NOT let us return it.
    They offered 2 OPTIONS
    1 Have it replaced with the exact SAME model.
    2 Have it repaired.

  20. We purchased a Bravos Washer 8 years ago after our 20 year old Maytag died. It was great until about a year ago when the spin cycle began to get louder. It is now unbearable. You can hear it everywhere in the house, even with the doors shut it sounds like a train coming down the track. Getting it fixed will require about $350 worth of parts so we are going to purchase something new. I agree that throwing away a great machine is not environmentaly friendly but we don/t have time to go through this every few years and there is no guarantee that replacement parts will last. My advice, DON”T buy a BRAVOS.

  21. Does the Maytag Bravos allow you to add additional water if so desired? I am looking for a machine to wash cloth diapers and lots of water is the ticket to clean, well rinsed diapers. We have a 14 year old Siemens HE front loader now which I despise (mold in the front door lining, unbalanced loads, clothes in knots, doesn’t clean. etc). I want a top loader. Thank you for your hard work and attention to detail!

  22. HI. I have recently purchased an Amana NTW4516FW and I hate it. It doesn’t wash clothes nearly as clean as my old washer. There is no way to stop machine so clothes can soak. If you stop it for more than 10 minutes it empties the water. I am ready to get rid of it because it is causing me to wash loads 2 and 3 times still without satisfactory results. We do a lot of yard work and it is dirty work. Are there any washers that are not computerized that I can stop and restart the cycle as I choose? HELP!!!!

  23. Does the model you purchased produce mold? Mosst reviews never mention this as a factor but is why I’m ditching my electrolux

  24. Travis,

    We have the MVWX655DW1 as well, and we’ve run into a small issue. The detergent tray at the back is holding standing water — a quarter of an inch or so — and we can’t seem to get it to drain no matter what we try. The owner’s manual speaks about removing the inside tray, but there is no obvious way to remove it and we’re reluctant either to engage in heroic measures (read: break it off) or pay a repairman if there’s a simpler fix.

    The grey tab on the right part of the tray is resting on the tray, whereas the one on the left seems to be spring loaded and its leading edge is up off the bottom of the tray. I don’t know whether that’s the way it was originally.

    Any help or insights would be most welcome!

    • I have the same machine. In the softener dispenser side (left), there is a slender/longer tab towards the middle partition (so it’s basically between the max level indicators for softener & detergent . I push down on this tab to pull out the entire dispenser tray. It just slides out.

  25. I have had two bravos maytag washing machines in the last 8 years. The first one lasted 5 years and the computer panel went. The second one lasted three years and the computer panel went. Just don’t know what to think at all anymore.

  26. I cannot recommend the GE GTW460 to anyone. It is extremely noisy. It gets off balance very easily. The spin is so fast that it tears up the edges of my towels and vibrates the whole utility room. And — the absolute worst part — it is leaving black marks on my clothing that do not come out! I do not use fabric softener or bleach. I do not use dryer sheets, either, so the marks are none of that. To have a service person come out to look is $100, which is one-sixth to one-fourth the cost of the entire washer, depending on whether you buy it “on sale.” It’s only a year old, but I keep hoping it just totally breaks down so I can justify getting rid of it.

  27. Hi Travis

    Your washer is not energy star, so why would you require your dryer to be energy star but not your washer.

  28. Great website! Thanks for all the research you do.
    All your top picks for top loads seem to be without agitators. I have a 9-year-old Fisher & Paykel washer (no agitator) that I hate. My clothes come out tied in knots: sleeves twisted with pant-legs with whatever. This happens ALL THE TIME, even on the gentle cycle. And I can’t leave the washer running when I leave the house because the load is so often unbalanced. (The machine stops and the small readout on top shows a little ambulance with the word HELP.)

    For this reason, I’ve been looking at top-load machines with agitators. Consumer Reports says they’re still the most popular because consumers don’t like the new “improvements.” But the ratings are all over the map. Consumer Reports says Speed Queen is most highly rated by consumers, but the CR ratings put it at the bottom! (And Speed Queen has a relatively small capacity.)

    GE GTW485ASJWS is the “Best Overall” choice for an agitator machine on, but the majority of comments say the machine is garbage!

    So, do all the top-loaders — WITHOUT agitators — still tie clothes in knots? Or could I buy one and not have to worry about the knots (and resulting stretching)? Thanks!

    • Hey, Pat. That sounds like a complete and utter hassle!! What the heck! It’s CRAZY to have to go through that even once. And who in F&P’s product development department approved that ambulance icon? I’d love to know. Maybe it was made before emojis were really developed — best they could do…? Anyhow, I know what you’re saying about the ratings and reviews. It’s mind boggling.

      I can honestly tell you that my clothes don’t come out in knots when I wash them in my Maytag Bravos. They used to with my old washer that had an agitator and used to literally walk across the floor, making a loud knocking sound. Looking back it’s comical; at the time it was maddening.

      That said, when I first got my Bravos some strappy things did create a problem with twisting — things like apron straps or bathrobe belts. What I’ve done ever since solved the problem for me: I wash those things in a mesh bag that I throw in with the load. Every now and then I’ll get some twisting of something like a shirt sleeve around a pant leg. I guess it doesn’t bother me because it’s not frequent — and compared to the old walking washer I used to have, it’s so much better.

      Let me know what you end up buying and how it works out! May the force of good appliances be with you!!

      • I have a whirlpool cabrio platinum and dryer and I hate both. The washer lumps up my sheets on normal wash if a jeans is folded I get it out folded after the wash.
        The dryer lint collector is usless the lint gets pass the collector . I would like my old Kenmore back with an agitator it lasted an unbelievable 31 years.
        I guess I will find something like this no more.
        All that energy saving with water it doesn’t make much sense for me because now the time of washing is twice at long than before…… do I miss something here
        In the state I live there is no water shortage and I would like a washer what uses a little more water and has an agitator.

        • Couldn’t agree more. I have the same set. Worst washing machine ever. Dryer is pretty decent. Can dry jeans on low setting for 35 minutes. The washing machine is another animal. It’s the stinking-est thing I would’ve ever thought a WASHING machine could be. I had a Maytag w/agitator for almost 20 years and used it till it broke. Laundry was never a PROBLEM. These new machines made to new GOVT regs are pathetic. Who would’ve ever think you needed to buy a “POD” called Allfresh to WASH your washing machine? But trust me you need it. You’ll wonder why your clothes STINK after they’ve been washed. What in the world is going on?? Notice the generation of millennials stink to high heaven of dirty laundry. Remember school days and wearing fresh washed clothes to school? Kids smelled good back then. Today they smell like dirty laundry. Bring back ALL the old washing machines with agitators that allow the user any option they prefer for the job. I’ll be shopping for one soon. I can’t wait to take this thing to the dump where it belongs!

    • Believe me yes they do I have a whirlpool and I hate it. My next washer will have an agitator again since I don’t like frontloader.

  29. Thanks for your videos. I am looking at a new top load washer because my front load LG is shaking the heck out of my entire house. It’s an awesome machine, but… There is a special pad underneath butnthat hasn’t stopped the shaking and it’s starting to create problems with the house structure and it can’t be relocated. I need a very large machine because I am a quilter and wash very large quilts. Plus, I need to be able to do a deep fill or add water feature. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sherrye, that sounds like a nightmare! Oh my goodness. I can wash a king-sized comforter in my Maytag Bravos top-load washer. But I do know there’s a Bravos with an even larger capacity. I couldn’t get it because it wouldn’t fit in my laundry closet and allow me to close the closet door. But if you have a larger space, you might want to look into it. It’s not much more expensive and would probably be worth the cost due to your quilting. Let me know what you end up buying and how it works out! 🙂

  30. I also agree that it is really difficult to know which washing machine to buy especially if it is your first time. Thanks for sharing your methodology. There are so many best machines but only one to choose from and I like that you shared with us the best 19.

    I have few devices at home from the LG brand and so I might choose a washing machine from that brand if I can’t really make up my mind. But the other brand I am interested in is Whirlpool brand. I appreciate you also for sharing the videos. I’m already in love with Maytag Bravos.

  31. Thank you for this information! I am looking to buy a new top loader washer and dryer. I like to be able to wash large comforters. towels etc. I was wondering why you didn’t choose the larger Maytags; Model MVWB765FW 4.7 cu ft. or the Model MVWB835DW 5.3? I am looking at the larger capacity LG’s and the Maytags. Any input you have would be appreciated.

    • Hi, Bunny! I remember looking at larger models, but they didn’t fit our closet properly in terms of depth. Our machine is in a hallway closet with accordion-style doors, and the doors wouldn’t close if the machine was too deep. I recall that the larger models were an inch or two deeper. I’m very happy with the ability of our Maytag to wash things like comforters, towels, etc. I really pack it in and it’s never a problem. However, when I wash a king-sized comforter I wash it alone. Hope that helps!

  32. I gave my Kenmore washer away cuz it did NOT have an agitator & the clothes came out smelling musty. My daughter gave me an Amana & it APPEARS to have an agitator, but per its shape & size,,, is not what I want or need. The clothes still aren’t clean & smell odd. I’ve tried different detergents, so that’s not the problem. Finding a GOOD, dependable washer is!!

    Where can I find a good, old fashioned machine WITH a TRUE agitator that really cleans w/o all the bells & whistles??? I just want my clothes to come out clean & smelling fresh WITHOUT having to run thru TWO wash cycles?? Thnx for ANY advice u may have!

  33. I am debating between the Maytag MVWX655DW and the Samsung WA45M7050AW. I like to be able to soak some items in oxiclean before washing them. Can you tell me about the soak function for the Maytag model? It has soak on the dial but I can’t find any info. How long does it soak? Do I have control over how long it soaks? Can I do it as a presoak separate from the wash? The Samsung has a presoak button. Thanks for any info you can share.

    • Hi, Nicole. There’s detailed info about all the cycles in the Owner’s Manual, which you can find here. Check out page 6. This is what it says about the soak cycle: ” Use this cycle to soak small spots of set in stains on fabrics. The
      washer will use intermittent agitation and soaking. After time has
      expired, water will drain, but the washer will not spin. Cycle is
      complete.” I have used this cycle only once, then did a Normal wash cycle after and the clothes came out clean. I’m not sure how long the soak cycle lasted. I’m going to see if I can find that info.

    • I just saw a reply from “The Maytag Team” to someone’s comment about the soak cycle for this machine on the Best Buy website. They say the soak cycle lasts about 10-15 minutes. That tracks with my one experience. It wasn’t a long soak. But you could also run the machine on a different cycle and then use the pause button to pause it for as long as you want. I’ve done that before.

  34. We purchased a Cambrio topload washer model WTW8500BW in 2014. In four short years, the bearing is failing and it sounds like a jet on the spin cycle! I’m shocked to find that I purchased a 5 year extended warranty, and the tech came out last week. We’ll see what the decision is, to repair or reimburse. We also had frequent Unbalanced Load issues, which could quite easily be the cause of the premature bearing failure. Was looking at the GE GTW680BSJWS in case they reimburse us, but I’m hearing enough negative reviews to not know which direction to go. Dimensions are a limiting factor for us, as it needs to be no more than 27″ deep and 27″ wide.

  35. I’d also like to add that the reason I want another top-loader and would NEVER consider a front-loader is that I’m a former mold victim, still in recovery (it takes a LONG time, especially when your first 22 doctors don’t believe you/are entirely ignorant about the dangers of mold). I was “lucky” as it was not my house or workplace that poisoned me, but a local rec center where I used to work out five times a week. I say “lucky”, because cleaning your house or workplace of mold (if your employer even believes you or cares) is a lot of work and expense. Even more so when you’re so sick you can no longer work. Anyway, that’s how I met my friend, who ran a mold helpline and website. She pointed out the problem with front-loaders way back when they first came out. She had people contacting her who had even gotten sick from them, so beware. (Also beware of “flood sale” cars; brand new cars that get flooded in natural disasters get shipped to other parts of the country and sold at low prices, but don’t disclose they were flooded.)

    We consumers vote with our dollars, so the more we buy safe, mold-free washers, the more the industry will bow to our demands. If you have a washer that doesn’t drain properly and molds, contact the place you bought it, online review boards, the manufacturer, anywhere and everywhere and let others know. The more we voice our opinions, the more the manufacturers will have to listen to us. It’s ridiculous that my 21-year-old mid-priced (back then) Maytag washer doesn’t mold, but the spendy new front-loaders do. I so wish I could buy another washer just like the one I have, only new. It cleans dirty jeans and babies my finest hand-washables. Fingers crossed the new Maytags will work as well!

  36. Thank you for this timely post! Our 21-year-old Maytag washer is leaking out the front and even with the panel off, we can’t figure out where the water’s coming from, so I’m afraid my washer may be telling me it’s time for her to retire. I’m so bummed; this is the first time she’s ever had a problem, and I’ve loved her so very much. So been reading reviews and articles and everything, but your post may have the best info, yet, so thank you!

    One thing you may want to consider about your new dryer- do you use dryer sheets? If so, they will gunk up the moisture sensor on your new dryer and ruin it forever. The only repair call I ever had with my set was for the moisture sensor on my dryer, 21 years ago, and my Maytag repairman said to stop using dryer sheets. So I did, and it’s worked perfectly since (and still does!) I would never use dryer sheets now because of the toxic chemicals in them, of course, something we didn’t know about, pre-internet. Dryer sheets are bad for us, our pets, our appliances, and the environment, but my BFF swears they work to keep ants at bay, so she rubs the sheets on surfaces where spring ants come in. Turns out ants may be smarter than humans!

    • Hi and thanks for the dryer sheets tip! For YEARS I didn’t use them, then I broke down and started using them maybe a year ago because I was sick of our towels being too stiff. But maybe that’s what caused our other dryer to die… So sad. I’m going to stop using them in our new dryer and see how it goes… and I’m going to try them against our current ant invasion! As for your Maytag RIP. It’s such a bummer when they break down. I can’t stand it. I feel like these machines should last for at least 40 years. 🙂

      • I use the wool dryer balls. Laundry comes out soft. You will need six for a large load. And they are reuseable. They thud about in the dryer though but not very loud. My dryer is in the basement so it doesn’t bother me.

        Thank you for your research. I decided to get the Bravos matching washer & dryer pair in April (our old washer died & the dryer was dying). They both work great and I hope they last a few years.

        • Smitty, I’m glad the Bravos pair is working out! Mine is still going strong, too. Where do you buy the dryer balls? Are there particular ones that work best? Also is the sound like tennis balls bouncing around? My dryer is near our bedrooms…

          • I never used tennis balls or any rubber dryer ball in the dryer so I wouldn’t know how they compare. Sorry! But I read that the wool balls are less noisy. I tell you though – jackets & coats with zippers & big buttons are a LOT louder.

            The ones I use are called Frank they are gray, about 3 inches diameter & 100% wool. I got them in our local Canadian Tire store. I started with 1 pack (3 balls), decided I like them and got another pack. Such a big difference using 6 balls for the big loads (I wonder about 9 balls sometimes XD). Picture:

            I think Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond & Home Depot carry different brands. I suspect stores that have a strong section for natural or eco-friendly products might carry wool dryer balls.

            They come in different sizes & some even come scented. I’ve read some people add their own natural scent oils. I am tempted but leery of adding scents & oils because gunk in my dryer is what I am trying to avoid.

            They do a good job removing human & dog hairs & static. I find a tangle of hair left at the bottom of the dryer along with the dryer balls after I empty the dryer when laundry is done. I do not notice any stray wool fibres in our dried laundry – yet, anyway! According to the packaging they last 1000 loads.

    • The front leak is more than likely due to a hose (10.00) that holds your BLEACH. Over years of pouring bleach wears out the hose. I had one and fixed it myself.

  37. Hello! I was wondering if you also got the Bravos dryer? We need to replace our dryer ASAP and we figure we should do the washer too since they were purchased together and if one goes, the other will probably follow. I loved your review and I am leaning toward getting the Bravos washer, but the dryer is what we really need. If you don’t have that, do you recommend something else? Or do you have an article like this but for dryers? Thanks!

    • Hi! Thanks for writing in! Funny you should ask — I JUST bought a dryer on March 26. I was going to buy the Maytag Bravos electric dryer because it seemed perfect for me, but some comments about the door being a bit hard to open made me decide against it. In the past I had a dryer with a door that I had to jerk open and it was fine. But because of the position of my laundry closet in our hallway I think it would become very awkward fast. Also it’s not Energy Star rated, so that was a drawback. But I like the look of it a lot. In the end I bought the Maytag MED3500FW, which cost a bit more but has a door that’s super easy to open and is ENERGY STAR rated. So far I like it. It can hold a ton of stuff and dries really well on the Timed Dry and Power Dry settings. There have been some small loads that I had to do twice, but I think it’s because they were too small and the moisture sensor wasn’t “reading” the load well enough. I’m definitely going to write a review of dryers soon. I need to recover from all the research I did for it. Phew!!

      • We purchased the Maytag Bravos washing machine 4 years ago. I was happy with its performance until it started making an unbelievable loud noise during the rinse cycle and started leaking after each use. We read several reviews that the bearings give out because of the high speed rinse cycle. We had the repair people come out and ito replace the bearings and it would cost #400 to fix it. I am so disappointed that this machine only lasted 4 years. Now I am going through the frustration of finding a replacement machine.

        • Sorry you’re going through this! I don’t even understand why repair costs are so high. It’s seems so bad for the environment to keep throwing out appliances that could be fixed — but I just did it with my dryer because the repair cost was so high.

  38. I recently had another unbalanced load with my GE GTW680BSJWS washer. It was a pair of jeans, socks and some small towels, yes sometimes I just mix things up. I loaded it correctly, learning from my last unbalanced issue. The only reason I can think of that it got unbalanced again is because of the jeans, and it doesn’t auto balance so when it happens it’s pretty violent. I’m thinking you can’t mix one larger item with smaller items. At this point I can honestly say that I would never start my laundry and leave the house or go to bed. However, I do like how much water it saves and is great for small loads but I kind of miss the days of starting your laundry and then go about your day. I certainly don’t trust it enough to use the Delay Wash option. I guess it’s just the nature of the beast if we want to save water and not have a clothes wrecking agitator. Honestly, I would have gone back to a front loader. No out of balance issues, all the clothes are rotated in water and any mildew can be taken care of by doing a bleach only wash. But unfortunately, I’m not willing to pay close to $1,000 for a washer.

    • Thanks for letting us know, Kevin! I just added a note to that entry on my list, telling people to read your comment. I did some more research on the Web and you’re not the only one who’s having this problem. So many people love this machine, though. That makes me think people are rolling the dice when they buy it… So sorry it’s causing this stress! Washing laundry should be EASY. 🙁

      • I’ve contacted GE about this issue and their response was to put the detergent in the bottom of the tub first, even though the manual says to use the soap dispenser (unless it’s pod detergent). Then line the outer bottom with larger heavier items and ball up smaller items and set around the center. Not much different what I have been doing but don’t get how rolling the smaller items into a ball will help much, considering the wash cycle will just unroll them. I’ve expressed my concerns to GE and am waiting for a reply back.

        • Oh my goodness. I feel so bad for you! GE’s response is ludicrous! It sounds like they’re giving you instructions for a magic trick. I mean, they make it sound like if you do all that, some genie is going to emerge from the washer and doing your laundry for you. Who ever heard of having to ball up you clothes to wash them???

          • GE is now saying to have a tech look at it. Yet it isn’t a faulty part that’s the issue, it’s a design flaw and GE doesn’t want to admit that. I’ve never seen a washer get so out of balance that it banged the inside of the cabinet before. Seems like they allowed too much play for the tub to move around inside the cabinet, maybe to prevent the whole washer from moving around (front loaders don’t have this issue). I’m just going to have to live with it and be more aware of how it’s loaded, and not leave the house while doing laundry. I’ll tolerate it for now, because it saves a ton of water and as I said it’s great for smaller loads. Yet, kind of defeats the point of a washer without an agitator, if it can’t do large loads very well.

      • Finally GE got a tech to look at my washer yesterday. All he did was upgrade the software, that’s it! As I’ve gotten more used to this machine I’ve had less and less unbalanced load issues, you just have to properly load it. I am getting more water when I use the deep fill option, but that’s because I changed out the hoses, the previous hoses I used were restrictive and the washer doesn’t measure out a set amount of water, it’s timed. So, if your home water pressure is too low then the tub will never fill to the right amount. I am however still not getting the rated 26 gallons that deep fill is supposed to give. The tech didn’t know what the software upgrade does and neither did GE customer support, and I’m not noticing a difference yet.

        • Thanks for that update, Kevin! That’s really interesting about the hose size. Makes sense! That’s such a good tip. Also it seems strange that no one at GE knew what the software update was for… I just did a bit of research and found out about the GE Laundry app. Have you tried that with your washer? Apparently you can check if a load is done from your phone! I’m not sure why anyone would do this… But of course there’s an app for everything these days! Here’s the link in case you don’t know about this:

          • Never use the washer water hoses that automatically shut off at the wall inlet valve if they detect a leak, because those hoses are restrictive and let less water through them. And since washers fill based on time (not gallons), you’ll never get enough water in the tub with those type of hoses.

            My washer doesn’t work with the app. I would have had to purchased the next model up that is Wifi enabled.

            So now GE wants to send another tech to look at my washer. I keep telling them that a tech can’t fix it, it’s a design flaw. Basically I believe, GE needs to adjust the software to allow more time for the water to fill the tub with the Deep Fill feature.

            This washer works great for small loads, large loads are another story. If I had it to do over again, I’d spend the extra money and get a front loader.

          • My washer model doesn’t come Wifi enabled, I’d have to buy that optional ConnectPlus device. But I don’t see the point, I mean have we gotten so lazy that we can’t get up off the couch to go check on our laundry anymore? lol

              • Okay so, GE sent another tech to look at my washer today. He used a drill bit to check a line to see if it was plugged up and said “they” want us to check this first. I assumed “they” is GE. Then he Deep Filled the tub and it stopped where it usually does around 11 1/2 inches from the bottom. He that looked like 26 gallons, but I disagreed, then he said with this model they all are like that. So I took his word for the moment and agreed that maybe it was 26 gallons. But after he left, using a 3 gallon bucket I measured the water with Deep Fill and came up with 24 gallons. I personally think that being 2 gallons short of what GE claims it should fill with, is a big deal. If it can’t fill to 26 gallons, then don’t advertise it as it can. And again, this is an easy software fix that GE could do, by just extending the timed water fill parameter.

              • I love that you measured the water after he left! Ha! That’s what these companies don’t get: Consumers aren’t going to just accept “eyeballing” for answers. Some of us are still getting out the bucket. So what’s the conclusion of your washer story? Is that it? It’s officially “fixed” or still broken?

              • GE has basically said that there is nothing more they can do but will keep me on list for any future software upgrades and suggested I contact the store I purchased it from to see about an exchange or different model. I’d be happy if they could just tell me what the software update did. I’m never buying another GE product again.

  39. I am struggling. I need a new washer/dryer set. I curretnly have a front load and it has been good to us for 10+ years and still works good aside from the fact it has gotten loud. Long story so will try to make this quick. Had 4 humans, two dogs, and a rabbit for many years and all the laundry to go with it. Kids in sports, I drove trucks, and husband was military: there was always laundry. Kids are grown and gone,two humans and one dog now. No military. Laundry is like 2-3 loads a week max. We moved and in the move washer was damaged, most the internal parts have been replaced but its still loud. We were told that our pair was for people who do a lot of large loads and some of our loads are small/medium loads. The floor in our laundry room is floating laminate wood not concrete like before. The washer likes to walk across the floor and is very loud during spin. Currently we own the LG Tromm, front load. I am looking at because of space to get a top load. What are your thoughts? I dont want to spend a $1000 on a pair and hate them, or they are terrible at cleaning or one of hundred more things I have been reading. I was so happy with my front loads when I got them. I dont like the old style top load with agitator, and some front loads have a terrible mildew smell and I hope a top load will not. I dont need a lot of the amenities like blue tooth or Wifi. But I do want some modern, easy to use, has the cycles I need to get everything clean. I do need something that will fit our king size comforter. I have been told Speed Queen is good and lasts. Thank you for any suggestions you can give to help.

    • Hi, Barb! I’m still in the 4 humans-2 dogs mode and the idea of doing less laundry is like a dream… 🙂 I find that our Maytag Bravos does everything you’re talking about. It was strange for me to switch over to top load with no central agitator at first, but it really gets our clothes clean and I don’t need to untangle them from that agitator. It’s high-tech enough for me without feeling like another computer I need to master. It’s a lot like the one I grew up with (in the ’80s) in terms of ease of use, but it doesn’t ever “walk” and it can wash our king-size comforter no problem. The floor under our washer is hardwood covered in laminate tile. We’ve never gotten a mildew smell from our Bravos. So I’m a big fan. But I recommend that you read through the comments on this article — some people have opted for the SpeedQueen and other models for various reasons. If you do consider the Bravos, also make check out my video of the spin cycle to hear the sound. Good luck!

  40. My husband and I have been so frustrated with our LG HE washer! It goes unbalanced so often (even when we don’t put a huge load in). I always take time to adjust the load before I start the washer, and the washer itself has been balanced and is level. It will go through so many rinses (even though we use the least amount of detergent). Even when I put it on spin only because I get so frustrated, it will still go through another rinse cycle! It will also go to uneven load during a tub clean!!! It takes 2 hours or more sometimes per load!!! I will never buy another LG again! I just want to go back to our old washing machine where the cycle was about 35 minutes, because even when I put mine on quick wash, which should only take 35 minutes, it will readjust and it lasts more than an hour. I hate this machine!!!! Thanks for letting me vent!!!

  41. Recently my old Maytag Neptune drum stopped turning and was in a hurry to buy a washer (isn’t that how it always happens), I decided my 30 year old dryer needed to be replaced as well (I’ve repaired it myself far to often). So, I ended up at Costco where they were having a sale and with very little research decide on the GE GTW680BSJWS washer and GE GTD65GBSJWS dryer set. It included an extended warranty (have to love Costco for that), free haul away, installation and was delivered in 3 days after ordering it online. At first I wasn’t sure about a top loader without an agitator and certainly didn’t think it could get my clothes clean, especially after watching it wash with so little water. With a side loader it’s easy to understand how it works with less water because the clothes tumble, but a top loader is more difficult to believe it works. Turns out it uses several features to accomplish this, just don’t trust your eyes during the wash cycle, trust the end result. However, there is a learning curve because you have to let go of your previous washer beliefs, can’t just throw sheets and large towels into a top load HE washer and turn it on, it has to be properly loaded. After I experienced an unbalanced load once which knocked the washer drum around violently, I learned a good lesson about loading. Now I never have that issue.

    People need to get over the fact that a washer doesn’t need a big clothes ripping agitator and they don’t need to be submerged in tons of water, to get them clean. Just like we used to think that you couldn’t get clothes clean in cold water, we now know that isn’t true. There’s a lot of science behind these new washers and detergents…embrace it.

  42. My 20+ year old Kenmore transmission went out and had a few other things worn out so searching for a replacement washer. Thanks for all the research and reviews, you fine folks. I just found the Bravos on sale at nearby Home Depot for $472 and the GE Model GTW680BSJWS at $498. I was almost committed to purchase the Bravos, then found a new 2017 Speed Queen AWNE92SP_N at $200 off at Tucker’s Appliance Outlet yesterday and went with it. It’s built to last and the thought of possibly buying a couple of $500-$700 machines in 25 years made the $800 machine a good opportunity to hopefully avoid stressing over durability in the years ahead. Will try to come back and let you know how it goes with the SQ. Good luck!

    • Thanks for writing in, Edward! Please do let us know how it goes with the SQ. I’ve had people ask me about them and I’d love to share your feedback. It’s great that the Kenmore lasted 20+ years. Hopefully the SQ will take you through to 2038! 🙂

      • They did a redesign on the speed queen for 23018 and the youtube as well as written reviews are awful. Im very sad becuase that was our intended machine.

    • Hey, LL. No, this is actual editorial coverage and not a promotion. I don’t have any direct relationship with any manufacturers and Maytag definitely pays me nothing for this article. If that were the case, this post would be labeled “sponsored content.” I do have affiliate relationships with some stores, though, which is mentioned in my affiliate disclaimer.

  43. Do you continue to enjoy using the Maytag Bravos washing machine and still recommend it highly? My wife and I are moving to our new home in one month here in Davis and we are strongly considering the Maytag Bravos for purchase.

    It is also interesting that it was priced at $497 just some months ago, however now it is priced at $629.

    • Hi, Michael. Yes, I still love the Maytag Bravos and highly recommend it. It’s handling my family’s large loads of laundry well and hasn’t broken down once. The price change is maddening. I try to update prices in the article often, but with sales they can fluctuate by a lot. Thanks for the heads up!

    • I loved my Maytag Bravos until they quit working this past week! They are 2 years 4 months old! Thank God I bought the extended warranty and have a check for $1400 on the way! They said it was going to cost more for them to repair it than to replace it!

  44. Yes, I am one of those who hate my old front load machine (the mold and stench was awful. Who wants to wash clothes in THAT!). So the hunt begins for a new washer. It seems on any model if you ask 100 people what do they think — 50 will hate it, 50 will love it. It is SO frustrating. Travis, finally someone answered the noise question!! Thank you so much for that. I have almost decided on the Bravos, however, I have read many review/buying guides that say the real noise comes in during the wash cycle — that whatever happens with the impeller is really what makes the noise. (I would have thought the spin cycle, but others think different). In one question you answered and said it is loud, but exactly how loud? My laundry room is just off my kitchen where I spend most of my time. Is the machine “conversation” loud? “Vacuum cleaner” loud? “Garbage disposal” loud? I hate to ask, but there are apps you can put on your phone to measure decibel levels. Would that be a possibility for you? Or maybe just another video when it is washing would be great too. Thanks for all the research you already did. What a huge help!

    • Hi, Linda! Your story/question/frustration inspired me to make a new video of the Maytag Bravos on the WASH cycle! Woohoo! It’s in the article now. I just hate to think of you buying a washing machine, then sitting in your kitchen feeling bad because it’s too loud. These darn appliances should make our lives easier, not more stressed! I spend so much time in my kitchen, too, so I can relate to your worry. Anyhow, check out my new video and please let me know what you think. You can hear the sounds of the washer as it begins to fill with water. But keep watching until the end because that sound goes away after about six times. Best of luck with your research! Travis

  45. Hello,
    We had Maytags Front Load HE for over 10 years. We are in need of a replacement. Do the new models come with a “clean drum feature or cycle”?. A problem with our washer is the sediment built up in the dorm that constantly stains the clothes.

    • Hi, Nancy. That’s a really good question … and I need to write a review of front load washers! It does look like the LG front load models do include a “tub clean” cycle — such as this LG front load washer. In general it’s not easy to find out by reading the literature online. But I noticed that when I zoomed in on the front panel photo of this washer, it does say “tub clean.” Here is LG’s explanation of this cycle. On the Maytag front loaders I looked at there’s a cycle called “clean washer with Affresh,” which is a detergent to clean the drum. Here’s an example of a Maytag front load washer with this cycle. If you zoom in on the panel you’ll see what I mean. To be sure, I’d check on any model you’re thinking about buying. I hope that helps!

  46. HI Travis,
    I have the same Bravos as you and just started to use it. Can you answer a few questions for me?
    1. How much HE detergent do you use for the loads?
    2. When washing the clothes do you see soap bubbles?
    3. Does you soap and fabric dispensers have water in them when the load is done?

    I had a front load and hated the musty/Mold smell from it and so did research online and decided on the same model you purchased. I just read your article today and thought you would be a great resource for me.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hey, Kim! I’m happy to answer those questions:
      1. If it’s a full load I use a full cap of HE detergent (meaning the cap that comes on top of the detergent bottle). For a half load I use half a cap. And for a really small load I use more like a 1/4 cap.
      2. No, I really don’t see soap bubbles when it’s on the wash cycle. I can see sort of a frothy white foam, but mostly it looks like water.
      3. Yes, I have noticed that sometimes there’s a bit of water in the dispensers when the load is done. It doesn’t seem to affect the load at all though.

      – Travis

  47. Thanks for the response. Yes, I can use the Warm Wash, but I have to make sure I stop the machine BEFORE it gets to the Rinse Cycle in order to avoid the Cold Rinse cracking the plastic curtain (I’m referring to the liner, not the fabric/decorative outside curtain), plus there are other things I like to rinse in warm water. But it appears I’m going to have to give that up darn! Both Home Depot & Lowe’s have the Maytag 765 on sale now for $599 which is good until Oct 18 here. Thanks for the input. I guess I’ll be buying the Maytag 765 & it’s compassion dryer this week.

  48. Travis,
    I’m another ‘research-weary’ washing machine shopper. Have owned 4 Whirlpools over the past 40 years and really no problems until the last one which was an HE. Initially I was not happy at low water levels, but must say I never experienced dry spots on anything, and clothes were clean; however, no one was getting their clothes very dirty working at office jobs. My BIGGEST complaint was the unbalanced loads & terribly twisted tangled clothes. In the 5 years I used that HE with no agitator, I had more of that than I’d had in the 40 years of using machines with agitators! So I was glad to see some manufacturers are putting them back in — tho I understand they don’t function as they used to by pulling the clothes down & in, but merely go back & forth. I feel they at least will keep everything from getting tangled and unbalanced. The other thing I don’t like is there is no longer a Warm Rinse (yes, I know that defeats the purpose of HE). I’m always throwing plastic shower curtains in the washer & the cold water will crack them. Having said all that, I was leaning towards the GE 680 that is the ONLY machine with Warm Rinse & also offers optional multiple levels of water. Problem is soooo many reviews complain of excessive noise. Now I’m looking at the Maytag 765 since it has an agitator and optional Deep Fill on most of it’s cycles (other machines limit the cycles you can deep fill), even tho I’ll have to forego the warm rinse. Any thoughts on my options would be appreciated.

    • That’s so interesting, Linda. My old washer with an agitator used to have imbalance problems and would start to make loud knocking sounds, then move across the floor a little. And the clothes came out not just twisted, but tied in knots. But I’ve never had those problems with my Maytag Bravos (no agitator). Hmmm…. The Bravos does have a deep water setting, but you can’t combine that with other settings — so you can’t do deep water hand wash, for example. But you can do deep water + warm water… Could you wash the shower curtain on a warm wash cycle or do you think it has to be rinse? I wash mine that way but it’s a waterproof fabric. I think it makes more sense to give up the warm rinse since you can always use the warm wash cycle in its place.

    • Also, I just checked the Maytag 765 and it’s on sale for $599 from Home Depot, but only through October 11. I just updated the price in my article. I like that it has 1,165 5-star ratings. Plus it has 301 4-star ratings. That’s a lot more than the lower ratings combined. Plus it is HE.

  49. I too have the maytag bravos quiet series and it sounds like an airplane is trying to take off every time it spins. It wasn’t loud when we first bought it but has gradually gotten louder and louder. It has already broken once and had to be fixed but we had purchased a 3 year extended warranty and that covered it. It is now refusing to drain when it hits the spin cycle and the warranty ran out last year. That made the 2nd washer I have bought in the last 7 years and as you know they are not cheap appliances. So now I am in the market to purchase a new washer and I’m nervous about buying another maytag. I’m glad yours is working out for you and I hope it continues to do so. There is so many different choices that it’s hard to know what the right one is. Thank you for all the research you have done. This definitely helps! Do you have the washers in order of the best reviews? Like are the LG supposed to be the top rated and then so on?

    • Thanks, Becky! Our different experiences with the Bravos go to show, once again, that there’s always variation in the manufacturing process. So sorry you’ve dealt with repairs! Not having a working washer is terrible. (As I write this, I’ve been without power and cell service for three days because of Irma. But I did my laundry before the storm hit Atlanta…)

      Also, to answer your question: The reviews I’ve listed are not in order of the quality of reviews. All of the ones I’ve listed fit the criteria I set in some way. So don’t assume that a washer that appears earlier in the list is better than one that appears farther down.

  50. Hi, I have hated my front loading GE since I first bought it eight years ago. Now it doesn’t clean clothes. BUT, I have an issue, I use my washer for towels in my rental units. Once a week a couple big loads. Then, its just my clothes. No family at home anymore. Do you know if the recommended washers can handle small loads? I was told by an appliance specialist that the front loaders need a full load to run correctly. Thanks for information, Cyndi

    • Hi, Cyndi! I know for sure that my washer, the Maytag Bravos, can handle small loads because I do them whenever I have more delicate things to wash. But that’s a top loader. I have a front loading dryer and I know that it dries better when it’s more full. An installer told me that the reason is there’s a sensor in the door that detects load size, and if there isn’t enough laundry in it, it won’t dry as well. I’m not sure about the front loading washers though. I need to write an article about those!

  51. Travis? can i ask you…..when you start your bravos, does it beep constantly over and over again?? when in the world does the impeller begin moving the clothing??? FRUSTRATING

    • all my bravos has done since i got it this morning is beep and fill, beep and fill and then sit and do nothing but beep! i called maytag and they told me to do a major power re-set at my electrical breaker! WHAT? i am beyond frustrated with this new machine. i just want it to wash my clothes. also – to make sure folks who buy this HE machine know….do NOT under any circumstances set the settings to anything different than what the booklet says or your machine cannot sense and will NOT work properly. wish the manual would have said that in bold lettering across the top before i used my machine. i read the whole manual first (unlike a lot of people) and it said NOWHERE to only use the suggested settings to avoid trouble


    I didn’t replace the drum I replaced the rubber ring that goes around the door. Ooops! Big difference :0

  53. Thank you for this review and the conversation. Very helpful yet now I am more confused.
    I had a front loader for 8 years. The machine did a fine job cleaning clothes and was great for delicate clothes but I had to replace the drum twice due to mildew and I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t open it in the middle of a wash. So now I am on the search of a top loader that cleans well and is good for delicate clothes. I had made up my mind to buy an LG top loader without an agitator but then I went to consumer reviews and boy did they trash LG. Horrible experiences with tech support. BUT then again every brand has unhappy costumers. Does anybody own an LG? Care to share your experience?

    Home Depot has an amazing Labour Day sale. LG or Maytag? That is the question.

    Thanks again for all the work you put into this blog!

    • I had an LG pair, the rubber gasket inside the washer door had mold on it no matter what I did. The soap dispenser was never void of water and that molded. The dryer would not work after the first load depending on ‘the weather’, I guess. I never could figure that out. Don’t even try to get a repairman out that is not and LG repairman; not going to happen. They definitely hang on to that market, at a premium. I am so glad to get rid of them but here I am now trying to find something suitable and just keep finding negative comments everywhere.

  54. Hi Travis Neighbor Ward,

    THANK YOU! A quick note to thank you for your informative, helpful evaluation of the current washing machines. I have been struggling to understand the options, the critiques, and come up with some way to replace my defunct washing machine. Your article and your subsequent discussion/comments, not to mention that extremely useful video have been invaluable!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  55. So now that you have had the machine for awhile, do you still think you made a good choice and are happy with it? I have spent a week researching reviews at the big box store sites and other web sites and it seems it is either a love it or absolutely hate it opinion with every review. None of the big brands (LG, Maytag, GE, etc) seem to have a true winner in top loaders.

    I’m currently shopping for a washer and dryer for a family of seven with a hobby farm, and I have it narrowed down to the Bravos 655 or the Bravos XL 835. I can actually get the XL for cheaper thanks to the Menards 11% rebate and the Energy Star rebates available so I’m thinking of saving money and going with the larger XL. My Maytag Centennial that came with the house has a failing gearbox and for double the cost of just the part I can get one of these new Maytags.

    • Hi, Robert. I just got an email from a reader with a similar question, so I wanted to share with you what I wrote to him in reply this weekend. Also, I totally appreciate your laundry needs running a hobby farm. We grow lots of veggies and flowers on our property (tore up the whole front yard to do it). We only have two kids and two dogs, but basically we’re getting dirty whenever possible. 🙂 So our laundry needs are constant and pretty heavy during the week. Let me know if you have any other specific questions! Here’s what I told the other reader:

      We’re loving our Maytag Bravos at my house. We do a lot of laundry, and a lot of it is large items like bedding, and it never fails us. We didn’t get a service plan with it.

      One tip is to remember that these HE washers take more time than others and use less water (which you already know from the article). But it’s important to digest these facts. In reality it means that you have to believe it’s working well when you don’t see the entire tub filling with water. When I did my first load, I was skeptical. But we’ve never had a problem with clothes not coming clean.

      And I love the lack of a central agitator — our jeans and towels used to get so wrinkly in our old washer, which had a central agitator.

      Also be aware that the Bravos fills the tub with large squirts of water at first. So rather than hearing a continuous running of water (like a bathtub running), you hear jets. It’s a different sound, in a way it sounds more mechanical. But that part of the cycle doesn’t last long. Our washer is in a closet down the hall from our bedroom and I don’t do the wash when I’m trying to sleep (I wake up easily).

      I can’t figure out why there are so many negative reviews of it, but that seems to happen with all products. I recently wrote an article that addresses this issue ( We’re all scratching our heads, trying to figure out how such big discrepancies can exist… It used to be easier when there were just a handful of models to choose from.

      • Thank you for your quick reply! I didn’t mention the 5 dogs and 10 cats in the house, so bedding is something that is always being washed. I had a GE front-loader system at our previous house a few years ago, and know all-to-well about the longer cycle times with the HE units. My wife “complained” a lot about being able to do laundry on the weekend to maybe a load or two in the afternoon. We left those units for the new homeowners. 😉 I’m thinking the Bravos XL would allow us to get a larger load of jeans or towels done in the same time the older washer could do two loads.

        And since you didn’t mention it specifically, I’m going to assume you are still very happy with the Bravos. I think a lot of the negatives come from people either not using HE-compatible detergent, too much detergent, wrong cycle settings, or some other “how I used to do it” procedure that no longer applies to these new machines. Filter those out, and a lot of what is left seems to be either a machine not completely level or simple manufacturer defect that happens with anything. The noise reviews are also important, and you answered that with your YouTube video of your machine (thanks for that!).

        Guess I am going to stop by my local Menards and special order the Bravos XL pair then!

        • Glad I could help! Like I said, we’re loving our Bravos. Yes, very happy with it. No complaints at all. I agree that if you use the Bravos without HE you could run into problems — and it’s definitely true that you can’t follow the “how I used to do it” plan. Hey, please check back in after you’ve had the XL for a couple of months. I’d really like to hear any feedback you have so I could share it with others.

  56. Hi Travis,
    We are considering purchasing this washer.
    What can you tell about the pause button?
    How long can you pause this particular washer that you have? (The BravosMVWX655DW)
    Our old top loader (ancient btw~they don’t make them like that any more unfortunately),
    was able to stop for long periods of time. We live in the country with a well requiring limited water use in the summer.
    Stopping the machine for an extended period allows the well to regenerate somewhat BUT really assists with the cleaning of the clothes. Love soaking them.
    I know these machines use less water but I would still like to stop the machine for at least an hour plus.

    • Hi, Nat. I remember pausing it overnight after I started a load, then decided to go to sleep early. When I woke up in the morning I hit start and it continued the cycle. But I want to be sure this is the case, so I’m going to check back in with you after I put in a load right now. (Lucky you, it’s the weekend when I do most of my laundry!) I’ll start it, let it run for about 15 minutes, then I’ll pause it for 1.5 hours since you need to pause for an hour. After that I’ll start it back up and we’ll see if it picks right up where it left off. So… I’ll write another reply later today.

    • Hi again, Nat. After I last wrote to you today I ran a load of clothes in my washer for 15 minutes, then paused it for over two hours by pressing the START/PAUSE button. The pause light blinked the entire time. When I just pressed the button again it restarted from where it had left off!

  57. Hi Travis. Thanks for this article. My husband and I are in the midst of our ‘new washer and dryer nightmare search 😉 and your info has been helpful. Tonight we purchased the set of Bravos that you have. However I am disappointed in the amount of time it takes to do a load of laundry. All of the he too-loaders seem to take longer but most of them also offer a ‘quick load’ option however the bravo does not. i know you mentioned it took 64 minutes for a bulky load…can you tell me how long it usually takes for a normal load. Also, how long does it usually take to then dry the load? Lastly, we considered the MAYTAG 765 Which you mentioned. It has an agitator but is also he. What made you choose yours over the 765. Also, the 655 does not qualify for energy star. Not sure why. Thanks!

    • Hi, Jamie! I only have the Bravos washer. (We already owned a fairly new dryer when we needed to buy a washer.) I haven’t timed a normal load yet on the Bravos, but it doesn’t seem too long to me. That said, I pretty much load it up and then go do other things with the plan of emptying it later in the day. Also, I do use the “hand wash” setting sometimes for things like shirts, sports tank tops, etc. and that seems to take less time. As for the 765, I wouldn’t have considered it because I decided that I wanted a washer without an agitator. I didn’t like the way clothes (and especially towels, sheets, etc) would get wrapped around the agitator in our old machine. I ended up doing a lot of ironing, which was a pain. I don’t think it had more than 500 reviews when I checked for this article, but it does now and is looking like another good option.

  58. We narrowed our search down to the Maytag Bravos based on the article from this web page. However, since owning a HE washing machine in the past we were hesitant to go down that road again. Our last two choices came down to the one that Travis purchased and the Speed Queen awne92sp113tw01 top load washer. I’m not suggesting that the Maytag is a bad choice but the Speed Queen with the agitator was what we decided on in the end. Aesthetically the speed queen is not much to write home about but for us our number priority was about clean cloths. We were also happy that it had a much faster cycle time then HE machines. It rates out very well on several blogs and website reviews as well as the customer ratings. The only low score was the fact it uses more water than the other HE washers. For us, being on a water well, we tossed that out. If you pull up YouTube and search for this Speed Queen and simply watch the video on how the agitator turns the cloths over vs. a lot of the HE machines it pretty much speaks for itself. Also, the fact that they our manufactured from a company out of Wisconsin was an additional clincher for us.
    Thanks to Travis for allowing a full discussion on all our view points.

    • I’m wondering how you are liking your Speed Queen 2 weeks later. I’m about to make a purchase and am pretty much where you were… I need to just make a freaking decision – no more time for perseverating. :-&

  59. Yes, we use HE detergent since its purchase. There are two reasons why our laundry isn’t as clean as it should be.
    1. Simple stain issues aren’t removed at times. The fact that they don’t move much within the drum as well as some of the garments are not completely wet. Both these issues were a red flag.
    2. The smell of the garments over time have not been up to par comparable to our previous washer. The nose is a wonderful tool.
    I appreciate all the insight from your article and your kind responses. I believe we had come to a final decision. We have chosen the Speed Queen awne92sp113tw01 topload washer. We basically used the same methodology that you mentioned by using several product reviews off the internet. We also spent a portion of our time weeding through real customers responses. That combination led us to the Speed Queen which was not even on the radar when we started.

    Thanks again-

    • Congrats on making the choice, David! It’s such a relief when you can finally narrow it down to one. And thanks for that other info. If you get a chance, let me know how the Speed Queen performs over time. I’d love to hear about that.

    • David, I would love to know how you like the Speed Queen. Our Maytag Bravos model 500 just broke down and has been a disappointment since we have had it, so we are currently researching as well. Would love to find a good old washing machine like the old days, they lasted for ever. We are still using the dryer my partners mother used when he was a kid, he is 45 so it is prob 30 years old or something. Any info would be great. Thank you.

  60. Thanks for the response. Like you we have been doing a ton of research and can’t seem to come to a conclusion on what to purchase. I was hoping to confirm that the Bravos were the real deal by reading all the reviews that you suggested. However, as I noted there was only the one site, Home Depot, that had a review of the five you listed. I couldn’t find any articles on any of the other websites that were about the Bravos.
    That aside, there many reviews from actual owners that the HE machines simple don’t clean your cloths as well. I can’t wrap my head around the statements that “the cloths don’t need to be completely wet in order to get clean.” It appears the marketing ploy is to brain wash us into believing this hog wash! (Ha) We currently own a HE and our laundry is simple not clean. As much as we want to buy into the sale pitch that there is a better HE other then the Cabrio that we own, I’m struggling to drink the cool aid again.
    *HE machines don’t clean as well but use less water… I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Or, the ones that clean effectively take 80-100 minutes per cleaning cycle.
    *Front load machines have mildew issues with a bad smell on cloths…not what I’m looking for. (Law suits)
    *Top load agitators are old school and twist some clothing and use too much water. But at least they’re clean.
    We’re ready to convert back to a bucket and a stick.
    Oh my God helppp!!!

    • David, I feel your pain! Seriously, it’s mind boggling and it should be much easier to choose. But do not resort to the bucket and stick! Our great grandmothers would be the first to tell us that anything is better than that. 🙂 Two questions for you if I may: 1) Do you wash your clothes in your HE washer with an HE detergent? This is considered absolutely necessary when using an HE washer. 2) What exactly is leading you to conclude that your laundry isn’t as clean with your HE washer?

  61. Sorry to ask again… do you feel the pull out dispenser for the detergent is durable? The display model at the appliance store comes out crooked making me think it won’t last long!

    • That’s a good question. Yes, I feel the dispenser is durable, but I definitely don’t pull it out super fast. There’s a latch to prevent it from pulling out all the way on its own. But the dispenser is designed to pull out completely if you use powder detergent. To do that you have to push down on the latch to do so. I believe that if you don’t jerk it out hard, it will last. I’ve actually never once even wondered that. (That said, I’ve had two dispensers on dishwashers break in the past, so only time will tell!)

  62. I was checking the websites that you stated you used for your review: (part of the USA Today Network)

    Only one of the five websites had a review for the Maytag Bravos 4.3 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer MVWX655DW. I don’t understand where your data is coming from???

    • Hi, David. My reason to include it is explained by point #3 in “My Methodology for Choosing the Best Washing Machine Models.” On the Home website, the Maytag Bravos 4.3 cu feet washer has a 4.3/5 rating out of 12,035 customer ratings.

  63. Travis, I just want to say this has been a VERY helpful REAL LIFE review which I appreciate so much more than the conflicting feedback on other sites. Thank you so much. My husband and I were drawn to this Maytag at Lowes, and I’m glad to read a real life account of how it works before we purchase. Question: many of the “rantings” (I mean reviews) I’ve read say that it doesn’t fill with enough water, and sometimes the top of their clothes are actually untouched by the water during the whole cycle… any truth to that? Is it all about choosing the right cycle? How often do you find you need to use the deep water wash?

    • Thanks, Becky! I’m glad the article has been useful for you! In terms of your water question: I don’t have the problem of clothes emerging dry after a wash cycle. They’re definitely not dripping wet either; they’re damp to wet. Most of the time I wash our clothes on the “normal” cycle and our sheets, towels, tablecloths on the “bulky/sheets” cycle. The other day I used the “deep water wash” for a bunch of very dirty towels. I only rarely use that cycle. My husband walked by the machine later and said, “Why is there so much water in the washing machine?” So we’ve gotten used to not associating a huge tub of water in our minds with “clean.” With our old washer things always came out soaking wet and I’d have to let them sit out before I put them in the dryer (otherwise they would take forever to dry). With the Bravos I put them straight from the washer into the dryer.

  64. The ten year warranty (if you read it)
    Only covers the “motor” and “tub sidewalls” you will more than likely never read any feedback that mentions either of these two items as a service problem. So no I deed it’s still the same 1 year parts and labor which is the industry standard

  65. Hi – I have a front loader that is about 10 years old, and it spins my clothes so aggressively that my shirt sleeves look like an accordion. The wrinkles get so deep that even in the dryer they don’t come out, and I have to us an iron to get them out. Does the Matag Bravos spin so hard it leaves wrinkles in the arms or legs of clothes?

    • Hi! No, I don’t have that problem with the Bravos at all. I did have it with my old washing machine, which had a central agitator, so I know what you’re talking about. I asked my daughters today, too, and they said they’ve never had that problem with our Bravos.

  66. I’m a usually a very happy positive person and don’t often share my opinion but feels it’s my duty to let folks know that they should NOT purchase a Samsung washer or dryer. After saving for a new w/d set to replace our rusting old Whirlpool set I would now like to have them back. At least they got my clothes clean, weren’t prone to explode like my Samsung (this is true btw my washer model was recalled as one of the exploding washers) and didn’t break frequently (we’ve owned for 10 months). The Samsung models cost 3 times as much after doing a load of whites you can see blue streaks all over our clothes because the washer is HE and doesn’t use enough water to rinse or clean properly. So much for my sexy new machines. Rant over. Now to find one with an agitator that is not an HE.

    • I second that problem with Samsung top load HE washer.
      Their safety recall was only a bandaid on a much larger problem! The 2 extra clips they add to the lid are an absolute joke and do nothing to remedy the problem which is poor design. The 4 rods that suspend the tub have under rated springs. They sell heavy springs / rods but I’ll be damned to spend another $100 on a piece of junk!
      I have tried everything under the sun to fix my washer and it still spins out of balance which trips an error code “dc”.
      Then they say to re-distribute the load…it never fixes this issue.
      Samsung should have stuck to just making TV’s!

  67. Hi, thank you for sharing this information. Do you think that a King size comforter could be washed in the 4.3 cubiv feet of the Bravo? I have read that 4.5 or bigger is needed for a comforter that sized???

    • Hi, Kristine. I have the 4.3 cubic foot Bravo and I wash our king-sized quilt in it. I haven’t tried washing our king-sized comforter in it yet. Right now I have a load of clothes washing. But, tomorrow morning when I take it out, I’ll try stuffing our king-sized comforter in to see if it fits. I’ll let you know what happens!

    • Hi, Kristine. I just put my king-sized comforter in my Bravo 4.3 cu. ft. washer. It fits just fine, with a few inches of empty space above it. Not having the central agitator makes it easy. But I would wash it by itself to keep that extra room around it while the machine agitates. Plus, I’d choose the “bulky/sheets” setting or the “deep water wash” setting. Hope that helps!

  68. Thank you for taking the time out to provide your reviews and experience it is so helpful! My Kenmore front loader (which was only 6 years old) just died and the tech said the control panel burned out (which would cost $225 for the part and $129 in labor). He recommended I replace it. I didn’t like it any way as it collected so much black mold no matter what I did to keep it clean (including keeping the door open as well as the dispensers). I will never buy a front loader again! My old GE top loading machine lasted 14 years and I still have the original GE dryer that came with my house that is 22 years old. They just don’t make these machines like they used too *sigh*

    • That mold sounds terrible! Ugh! I really love technology, but sometimes these big companies add way too many high-tech features that we don’t need or even want. It definitely drives up the repair prices, I think.

  69. Hello Travis,
    I’m thinking of getting the Bravo. Is there different models of the Maytag Bravo?.. or is there a particular one you recommend?..

    • Hi, Steve. I have the Maytag Bravos MVWX655DW1. This is a 4.3 cu. ft. washer. Costs around $497. There’s also a Maytag Bravos #MVWB835DW, which is 5.3 cu. ft. I just checked and it has a 4.4-star rating out of more than 4,600 ratings. It’s about $637. It looks like they’re pretty much the same, except that the 835 has a larger capacity. The 4.3 cu ft. is absolutely sufficient for my family’s needs. If you check out the video I posted, you can actually see the huge size of the laundry load I did. It’s a small mountain… 😉

  70. Maytag Bravos is absolute junk. I had one that broke 2-3 times in the first year we owned it. Was repaired under warranty, but once warranty expired, I still had things breaking on it. I fixed it myself a couple more times, but then moved it to the garage and brought up an old maytag from my parents house. The old school, agitator type top loader. It has worked fine since I put it in, and its 20 years old. Nobody makes a decent washing machine anymore. Government regulations have turned them all into junk. If you can find an old school Maytag in good shape, buy it. They still make parts for them so if anything does go wrong, you can get it fixed. This was the advice we got from the tech that came out and fixed our Maytag Bravos piece of junk repeatedly.

    • LOL, David. We’re contemplating getting a new Maytag as the transmission in our Maytag bought in 1990 broke. Your review is helping us think twice. I assume from your experience w the newer model, you’d get the transmission fixed?

  71. You mentioned the Maytag you purchased takes longer for the loads, can you detail how long typically? I read the ‘normal’ function takes about 52 minutes. Curious if you find this true, and also if you’re using more intense settings how long is it running you total?! Thanks 🙂

    • Hi, Devon! Today is laundry day for me, so I’m going to time a load for you! I’ll wash a bunch of towels and other heavy stuff, and will let you know how long it takes, start to finish. Plan to check back after 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

    • Hi again, Devon. I just uploaded a new video within this article, showing how my Maytag Bravos sounds on the spin cycle. Also you can see how it spins without the central agitator. The text above the video includes exactly what I washed in this heavy-duty load. The washing machine was full of towels etc. It took 64 minutes total. Let me know if you watch the video!

      • Hey! Watched it, very helpful! And thanks for the quick feedback on the actual washing times. Seem to be leaning more and more towards the purchase of this machine 🙂

  72. Thank you very much for your advice. I appreciate your knowledge and sharing your experiences. I had ordered a set of GE from Home Depot, but returned to double check my decision. I cancelled as the dryer was too deep, hurt my neck bending over and in as I reached for a pretend sock, opening was too low and would have bumped my head. There are so many features to consider. I guess I may not be able to buy a matching set if both machines are not ideal. Thanks again.

    • Hi, Lisa. I bought a Whirlpool WED72HEDW0. I absolutely love it, too. It has a huge capacity and my clothes always come out completely dry. I need to write an article about buying a dryer! That was quite a research experiment. It looks like they’re not selling it anymore. But this Duet WED75HEFW seems to be very similar in size and features (and looks just like it).

    • Lisa, if you’re looking for a dryer one thing you really need to be careful about is the depth — especially if you’re trying to fit it into a closet or smaller space. I discovered that dryer depths can vary by a few inches, and this can make a big difference in terms of space planning. I bought the Duet knowing this. But it does stick out a little farther than my laundry closet. I’ve taken the doors off so it’s fine. With the doors on it wouldn’t have fit.

  73. So you feel your clothes/laundry all get cleaned/rinsed well with the HE washer with no center agitator? That is one complaint I have heard – that they don’t care for the machines with no center agitator because they don’t feel the clothes get cleaned as well. Thoughts???

    • Hi, Kasey! I had read that, too, before I bought the Maytag Bravos — and it worried me. But I definitely feel that my clothes get cleaned just as well now. In fact, I prefer that they don’t come out all wrinkled now because they weren’t wrapped tightly around a center agitator (I used to hate that especially with longer things like pants, towels, and sheets). Now, when my laundry requires extra washing, I do one or more of these things:
      1) I use the “deep water wash” setting
      2) I use the “soak” setting
      3) I set the “extra rinse” knob to “on”

      I also spray stains on clothes with Shout and let that soak in a bit before I put them in the washer.

    • Also, I should add that I’m washing clothes for a family of four, including two teenagers. We’re an athletic family that spends a lot of time outdoors, so our clothes get really dirty and we use a lot of towels. (And I’m often toweling off our two dogs that get covered in dirt from our yard.) So my laundry loads are large and require a really good wash every week!

  74. Hi. Is this a noisy machine? Does it get off balance with towels? Thank you. I read these critiques on another site, but am considering it.

    • Hi! I assume you mean the washing machine I bought (Maytag Bravos). It’s a lot less noisy than my previous washing machines, partly because there’s no center post. When I used to wash large loads with my old machines (and especially towels, sheets, and other bulky items), the machines tended to “walk” and shake, and they’d start making loud knocking sounds. It was really annoying — I’d sprint upstairs to make sure the machines weren’t about to fall over. When the Maytag Bravos spins, it seems to use smaller motions and spins the clothes back and forth more gently. It’s more of a loud whirring sound that lasts about three seconds, stops, and repeats. That’s the wash cycle. The spin cycle is very quiet. So basically picture this: my bedroom is down the hall from the laundry closet. I wouldn’t have it running at night when I’m trying to sleep because I wouldn’t want to hear the wash cycle. But when I have it going during the day and I’m running around the house, I never find myself thinking, “Wow, that’s loud.” I hope that helps!

    • Also, from my experience it does not get off-balance with towels. I wash a lot of those every week — I’ll put maybe seven large towels in one load plus other small things. With my old machines they used to get off-balance with more than three in there.


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