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Your Website is the Best Tool for Developing Your Internet Presence and Content Marketing Platform

An interior designer’s website is the Number 1 place that clients, editors, and readers go to learn more about you and your work. And yet it’s so common for interior designers to create websites that don’t include enough information — or websites that don’t present their work in a compelling way. Use my plan to do a quick health check on your website, and find out ways you can improve it right now. 

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This FREE download allows you to analyze quickly whether your website has everything it needs!

Learn About My Story

I’m an award-winning, former editor in chief and nationally published interior design writer. I have planned, created, and programmed all of my own WordPress websites (including the one you’re visiting now). I do my own SEO — and I often rank on page 1, and even Number 1, of Google searches. You can read more about me here. Here are some magazines and websites that have featured my writing:

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I’m excited to help you create the best interior design website possible. I spent over 20 years producing, and writing about, interiors for magazines. I love seeing interior designers get the exposure they deserve! 

If you want to create a website that will ‘wow’ people — a website that you will be proud to share, this free download is for you.

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