A FREE TEMPLATE that will make sure you don't leave any information out when you pitch projects to editors!

This template is great for:

  • learning what editors DO and DON’T want to hear when you pitch a project
  • making your pitch compelling and informative
  • understanding how to narrow down the details you need to include
  • creating the first step in a dialogue with editors about your work

You can use this template again and again!

The way you pitch your work to editors is so important, and you only get one shot per project with any given editor. That means your pitch letter has to be great. With this template you’ll be sure to give editors all the information they need.

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My FREE template has been designed by a former magazine editor with more than 20 years of experience (that's me!)

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I’m an award-winning, former editor in chief and nationally published interior design writer. I’ve published some of the best interior designers in the USA. You can read more about me here. Here are some magazines and websites that have featured my writing:

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As a magazine editor in chief I had to review hundreds of pitches from interior designers. I saw the good, the bad, and the so-so. Now I want to share my insider knowledge about what we editors need to know — and how we want you to tell us.

By pitching your projects well, editors will see you as a Very Helpful Designer. And when they need quotes and projects, they’ll remember you!

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