shrimp salad with cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese featured photo

Shrimp Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Parmesan

Growing up near Boston, seafood was a regular part of my family’s dinner menu. One thing I love about this shrimp salad recipe is...
Mushroom quiche recipe with tomato and mozzarella cheese

Mushroom Quiche Recipe with Fat-Free Mozzarella

I love quiches, but I used to avoid making them because of the fat content. This mushroom quiche recipe is one of my favorites...
Slow cooker soup recipe by Cookie Rookie

Healthy Slow Cooker Soup Recipes by 9 Bloggers

Every time I get out the slow cooker from the bottom shelf in the kitchen, I feel a small jolt of excitement. It’s such a pleasure to return home...

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30-Day fitness challenge can involve running

30-Day Fitness Challenge: 5 Friendly Plans

30-day fitness challenge plans are magical in their own, special way. They can deliver visible results in a short amount of time, and they ease...
Stop multitasking so you can smell the roses

Stop Multitasking and Live More Peacefully

Learning how to stop multitasking is one of the greatest challenges we face. Can you do one thing at a time? I used to...