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How to Start a Thriller Novel for Fiction Writers

How to Start a Thriller Novel: I Am Pilgrim

It's the question that keeps so many novelists up late at night: How do you start a thriller? What exactly makes a book grab...
15 Top How to Articles Shared on Facebook 2016

Facebook Top Shared “How To” Articles from 2016

With so many "how to" articles circulating on the Internet, I was curious to find out which were the Facebook top shared articles in...
Batman Begins can make readers care about Batman immediately

Make Readers Care about Characters Using These Strategies

Learning how to make readers care about your fictional characters largely comes down to one thing: Showing them what your characters' motivations are. Those...

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Save the planet using these easy tips

Save the Planet with 14 Easy, Fast Ideas

Pretty much everyone wants to help save the planet from permanent damage. But we all know that sometimes the environmental advice can be overwhelming --...