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Multitasking is no fun!

How to Stop Rushing Through Life

Learning how to stop rushing around all the time isn't easy, but you can do it. The first step is to think about how you spend your days. Do you often find yourself rushing to...
Learning how to volunteer means learning to be a team player

How to Let Volunteering Energize Your Life

Although we like to believe that helping others will be entirely rewarding, there can be some downsides when it comes to your own happiness. How do you know when you’re offering not enough, just enough, or...
Experience cause happiness more than money

Why Experiences Cause Happiness More than Money

I was recently wondering: Do experiences cause happiness more than money for most people? The answer: Apparently they do! While I was researching it, I found a good article on the topic, on the  Fast Company’s Co.Exist website....
Happy paint colors include purple!

Happy Paint Colors and How to Choose Them

Happy paint colors are the ones that make you feel, like Goldilocks, just right--and unhappy ones can do just the opposite. If you find yourself waking up and feeling uninspired, or even tired out,...