Nantucket Style Home Decorating Secrets

Nantucket style is something I became aware of at a very young age — and that’s when I fell in love with it. I grew up in Boston, and a trip to Nantucket in the summer was a treat. I loved seeing the weathered gray shingle houses with their shiny, brightly colored doors, and the pretty arbors draped with roses. If you have a passion for it too, you’ll love these Nantucket-style interior design projects I found on Houzz!

Bright and airy, they include all the decorating details you could want to inspire your own Nantucket-style decorating at home. These include details such as:

  • paneled walls and ceilings
  • shades of blue fabrics and paint
  • striped and checkered cotton throw rugs
  • patterned pillows and windowseats
  • pastels
  • weathered ceiling beams
  • wrought iron chandeliers
  • fishing accessories as art
  • seashells
  • white painted shutters
  • Shaker-style furniture
  • and more!

Here they are:

Nantucket Home by Pinemar Inc.

Nantucket home by Donna Elle Seaside Living


Cliff Road Area 2 – Nantucket by Jonathan Raith Inc.

Photography by Nantucket Architectural Photography



Another Nantucket house by Jonathan Raith Inc:

This Nantucket-style house by Hardrock Construction is in Toronto


Love it? What other details do you think define Nantucket style?



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