Facebook Top Shared “How To” Articles from 2016

With so many “how to” articles circulating on the Internet, I was curious to find out which were the Facebook top shared articles in 2016. So I did some research using pro aggregator tools and came up with this list. It’s based on results from June 2015 to June 2016. The entries range from crafts tutorials and recipes, to home remodeling and cool techno stuff you can make.

Facebook Top Shared Articles from 2016

1. How to Make Lavender Lemonade to Get Rid of Headaches and Anxiety

Joe Martino wrote this for the Collective Evolution website. More than just a recipe, it talks about why modern people suffer from so much tension, and how tapping into ancient practices can help cure it. Total Facebook interactions: 686,077.

2. How to Make a Pillowcase Baby Nap Mat

On the Instructions.Tips site, this article talks about a special kind of baby pillow and mat called the Zcush Pillowcase, and how to make it. Total Facebook interactions: 591,672

3. How to Make a Red Velvet Brain Cake for Halloween

Yolanda Gampp wrote this on Bored Panda. This red velvet cake actually looks like a human brain — and was inspired by The Walking Dead TV show.  Total Facebook interactions: 357,967.

4. How to Make Glittery String Snowballs

This article on Instructions.tips teaches you how to make winter-themed crafts that you can hang in your home. Total Facebook interactions: 289,298

5. How to Make 3D Holograms with Your Smartphone

Dovas on Bored Panda posted this article about a YouTuber’s invention for making a hologram from images on your phone. It looks easy to do! Total Facebook interactions: 269,566.

6. How to Make an Inexpensive Christmas Ornament Wreath

FaithTap reports on a tutorial video by AJ’s Craft Room, which teaches how you can use ordinary Christmas tree balls to make a wreath. Total Facebook interactions: 248,868.

7. How to Make Vegducken, the Vegetarian Version of Turducken

Katherine Sacks on Epicurious published this article about how to make the Thanksgiving main dish without any meat. (Turducken is a chicken stuffed into a duck, stuffed into turkey). Total Facebook interactions: 205,681.

8. How to Make Ice Cream with Two Ingredients

Tasting Table published this article by Abby Reisner about making ice cream without an ice cream maker. Total Facebook interactions: 201,728

9. How to Make Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Try from a Miyazaki Film

From the Ramen in the movie Ponyo, to the steamed red buns from Spirited Away, this article on World Warotter links to recipes on lots of sites. Total Facebook interactions: 191,643.

10. How to Make Delicious Slow Cooker Macaroni & Cheese

Tip Hero shares a recipe from One Pot Chef in this article. Total Facebook interactions: 155,892.

11. How to Make Wine Slushies

Pure Wow pulls recipes from all over the blogging world, for everything from Blueberry Cream Slushies to Triple Berry Wine Slushies. Total Facebook interactions: 156,421.

12. How to Make A Concrete Floor Look Like Hardwood

Tip Hero highlights a video by Concrete Kingdom showing how to do this.  Total Facebook interactions: 133,738.

13. How to Make an Origami Darth Vader

Bored Panda published this step-by-step tutorial by James Gould-Bourn. Total Facebook interactions: 122,272.

14.These Chunky Blankets are Perfect for Winter and Here’s How to Make Them!

This Buzztache article connects to materials and tutorials on Etsy related to this topic. Total Facebook interactions: 113,204.

15. How to Make the World’s Best French Onion Soup

Boredom Therapy gives mini videos about how to make this French onion soup recipe with three pounds of onions. I was surprised to see this on my Facebook top shared articles list because I didn’t realize onion soup is in such high demand. Live and learn. Total Facebook interactions: 99,947.

What do you make of this list of the Facebook top shared articles? See any trends? Leave a comment below.

Travis Neighbor Ward is an award-winning editor in chief, magazine and web writer, and a best-selling author of fiction and nonfiction. She has written extensively about interiors, lifestyle, travel, gardening, and health. To learn about blogging, publishing, and marketing for lifestyle and interiors go to her site The Decorated Way, www.decoratedway.com.


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