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Best ski resorts in the western US

Best Ski Resorts In the Western US

A ski vacation is all about the complete experience, from the moment you wake up and smell the coffee, to the moment you take off your wet boots and warm your toes by the...
New York City Restaurants and skyline

New York City Restaurants: 5 of the Best

When Zagat published its 2016 New York City Restaurants guide I was excited that it included some of the newer New York City restaurants. Here are five that I wanted to share, plus reviews from top sources. For...
A beach horse ride tour is the best at sunset

12 Horse Beach Ride Tours in the USA

Every time I see someone riding a horse on a beach in a movie, I remember how much I want to try it. There's something so incredibly romantic about the horse's mane blowing in...
Winter camping is possible on Cumberland Island, GA

10 Beautiful Places to Go Winter Camping in the USA

When most people think of camping, they usually think of any season but winter. For those who haven't tried winter camping yet, consider these three lines of reasoning: If you go camping in a cold location,...
New York City

12 New York City Netflix Movies that are Romantic and Streaming

There are few cities in the world that bring as much personality to the big screen as New York. I used to live there, and every time I see Manhattan in a movie it...