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Raspberry lemonade featured photo

Raspberry Lemonade Recipe with Fresh Lemons

When I lived in Florence, Italy, for five years one of my favorite things to do was head to a bar with my friends and drink an icy glass of sparkling lemonade. Forever fans of a...
Margarita recipes

Margarita Recipes, from Grapefruit to Beer Flavored

It's March and the nights are still cold here in Atlanta, but the days are warming up to the low 70s. We built a new deck (by ourselves, so proud) and the daffodils are blooming. So of...
Make lemonade the Italian way with with basil simple syrup only takes a couple extra steps and the result is worth it! This recipe from Patch of Earth is great for a summer day on the porch or a small party with guests. Kids love it, too!

How to Make Lemonade the Old-Fashioned Way

Once I learned how to make lemonade with lemons, I never turned to powder again. This homemade lemonade is especially delicious because it includes a secret ingredient I discovered when I lived in Italy: basil...