Cozy Home Ideas from 15 Interior Designers

‘Tis always the season to turn your house into a cozy home! And the cool thing about cozy is that you can do it without breaking the bank. After much research on Houzz, I came up with these 15 great ideas from interior designers. You can put them into place in any season.

1. Keep stacked wood on hand

cozy home idea by Jamie Laubhan-Oliver
Photo courtesy of Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Seeing the logs ready and waiting makes the warm and fuzzy feeling come right out. Kindling looks great in woven baskets, while wood can be stacked beside or even inside the fireplace, as Jamie Laubhan-Oliver did here.

2. Paint the walls dark

Cozy home idea by Lindsay Pennington Inc
Photo courtesy of Lindsay Pennington Inc

Dark walls will make a room seem smaller, whereas light paint colors on the walls can make a small room seem larger. In this bedroom by Lindsay Pennington Inc., the yellow glow of the table lamps reflects beautifully off of the glossy wall paint.

3. Put out an abundance of pillows

Cozy home idea by by Margot Hartford Photography
Photo by Margot Hartford Photography

Nothing says “snuggle here” more than a heap of pillows. Margot Hartford photographed the serene, delightful space shown above;  the pillows make me want to sink down and read a good book.

4. Put wing chairs near the fireplace

Cozy home idea by Tiffany Farha Design
Photo courtesy of Tiffany Farha Design

The high sides of the wing chairs, such as the red-and-white pair in this living room by Tiffany Farha Design, will capture heat and mute noise in the room, creating for you a cocoon-like spot where you can relax from the long day.

5. Panel the walls in wood

Cozy home idea by Inspired Dwellings
Photo courtesy of Inspired Dwellings

You have to be skilled at carpentry to panel walls yourself, but it will definitely make a room feel much cozier when you’re done. In the incredible room shown here, Inspired Dwellings paneled the walls and ceiling, giving the feeling that you’re inside an elegant treehouse.

6. Drape a throw over the sofa

Cozy home idea by Bosworth Hoedemaker
Photo courtesy of Bosworth Hoedemaker


Throws in warm colors–reds, oranges, yellows–will warm up a white or cool-colored sofa instantly. If you add one made from a natural weave or vibrant pattern, as Bosworth Hoedemaker did here, the effect will be enhanced even more.

7. Bake homemade bread

Cozy home idea by Ryan Street Associates
Photo courtesy of Ryan Street Associates

A cozy home involves all your senses. When that aroma of carries through the house you’ll immediately feel good. Or, fill it with the aromas of homemade soup. This photo by Ryan Street & Associates captures it perfectly–did we forget to mention the bottles of wine to go with it?

8. Buy a wonderfully fuzzy ottoman

Cozy home idea by Angela Free Design
Photo courtesy of Angela Free Design

Just being able to put your feet up on any ottoman makes a room cozier. If it’s made of a fuzzy material, it heightens the experience. Here Angela Free Design placed one front and center, drawing your eye right to the fireplace beyond.

9. Put a curtain around the bed

Cozy home idea by High Camp Home
Photo courtesy of High Camp Home

Of course four poster beds with drapery are cozy. But, this bed from High Camp Home proves you don’t need one to achieve the same effect. They placed it in a niche and hung a curtain so it could be closed off from the rest of the room. It gives the space the coziness of a tent, but with extreme comfort built in.

10. Toss down a bunch of floor pillows

Cozy home idea by Claudia Leccacorvi
Photo courtesy of Claudia Leccacorvi

Floor pillows encourage people to sit down by the fire or huddle up to play cards. In this living room Claudia Leccacorvi chose round pillows in different colors, which add a touch of whimsy and sculptural interest as well.

11. Make a special place for your furry family members

Photo courtesy of Cook Architectural Design Studio


There’s something ultra cozy about seeing your dog or cat snuggled into a blanket or on the sofa. This creative design by Cook Architectural Design Studio goes above and beyond the average dog bed!

12. Drape a faux fur throw over furniture

Photo courtesy of Yellowstone Traditions


This bedroom by Yellowstone Traditions is so warm and inviting, and that faux fur throw at the foot of the bed adds a glamorous, cozy touch. Nowadays you can buy nice faux fur throws at discount home stores for as little as $30.

13. Buy a shag rug

Cozy home idea by Kelly Deck Design
Photo courtesy of Kelly Deck Design

Soft rugs of any type will warm the room and your bare feet, and can make your house a cozy home the moment you set foot in it. In this living room by Kelly Deck Design, we love how the contemporary white and silvery gray furnishings contrast with the dark floor–and how the rug softens it.


14. Make your bed with cable knit blankets

Cozy home idea by Sims Hilditch
Photo courtesy of Sims Hilditch


Sims Hilditch placed cable knit blankets on these twin sleigh beds, and they contrast so beautifully with the crisp sheets. They make me think of sweaters that keep me cozy when it’s (brrr…) cold outside.

15. Install ceiling beams

Cozy home idea by Jute Interior Design
Photo courtesy of Jute Interior Design


Ceiling beams make me think of mountain houses and old European villas, and this room that Jute Interior Design created goes so perfectly with the beams.

What do you do to have a cozy home? I’d love to hear about it.


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