Gallery Wall Ideas from 7 Interior Designers

A gallery wall is one of the hardest things to DIY when it comes to home decorating. Should you include photos and artwork? Should you match sizes and frames, or get more creative and mix things up? If you do want to branch out from a simple row or grid pattern, how do you do it without it looking messy? And should all of this be placed against a happy paint color or is it better to keep the paint neutral?

To get the answers, I turned to interior designers who have created beautiful gallery walls that are both highly creative and well organized.

Living Room Art Gallery Wall
Photo by Kerrie L. Kelly

Here are 7 great gallery wall ideas (plus layout templates at the end):

1. Decorate Above Your Bed

The art on this bedroom wall by Laura Weatherbee of L. Weatherbee Design Studio is beautifully anchored by the pale blue paint color behind it. (It’s  7532 Glorianna from Cloverdale Paints.) I like the way she alternated photos that were shot long-range with ones shot close up. By placing this gallery above the headboard, it draws more attention to it.

Other juicy details: The Tufted Wingback Linen Headboard is from Wayfair. To find out how Weatherbee created a custom DIY ombre finish on the lampshadesread her article here.

Gallery wall design by L. Weatherbee Design Studio
Design by L. Weatherbee Design Studio

2. Combine Objects with Art

On this sofa wall by Heather Freeman Design Co., the designer added 3D objects for heightened visual effect–including arrows and a slice of wood with a saying painted on it. (This is a great idea for a DIY project! You can buy wood like this at crafts stores.)

Gallery wall design by Heather Freeman Design Co.
Design by Heather Freeman Design Co.

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3. Fill Your Dining Room Wall

Why just put up a few pictures for your family and friends to look at while they dine? Adi Tatarko, the designer of this dining room wall, used what would have been a large, blank wall to create a wide variety of interesting things that the eye can wander over. She offers this tip:

Frames on a wall don’t have to match. Black, silver, wood and painted frames of various sizes can all be beautifully added to the same wall.

Gallery wall Design by Adi Tatarko
Design by Adi Tatarko

4. Incorporate Nature

London design team Turner Pocock crafted this gallery wall out of preserved butterflies, hung in different sized frames and in an interesting pattern. As they say:

Gallery walls can be added to any nook in the house . . . [they] don’t need to be clustered.

Gallery wall Design by Turner Peacock
Design by Turner Peacock

5. Anchor the Sofa

Here, too, the neutral wall color anchors the artwork. In this case California designer Kerrie L. Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab mixed artwork with the letter F to create interest above the tufted Chesterfield sofa.

Gallery wall design by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab
Design by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

6. Wrap Your Gallery Wall Around Corners

St. Louis designer/blogger Elizabeth of Little Black Door Designs used two walls of this hallway to create a gallery. As she says on her blog:

We use every inch of our house and we use it well.

That’s clear from this area alone! Read her article to find out exactly how she did it, including taping pieces of newsprint up in advance to see how it would look.

Gallery wall design by Little Black Door Designs
Design by Little Black Door Designs

7. Mix Different Kinds of Artwork

This wall is actually in the Laurel Canyon Music Studio, but you could do the same thing at home. Los Angeles design firm Lindsay Pennington Inc. combined posters, photos, and hand-drawn art to make a highly creative-looking area.

Other juicy details: The coffee table is from CB2. The pillows are from the LA store Hollywood at Home, and the fabrics (except the center, which is vintage) are by ZAK+FOX.

Gallery wall design by Lindsay Pennington Inc
Design by Lindsay Pennington Inc

Here are some layout templates. Please share this infographic if you like it!

Gallery Wall layouts by Travis Neighbor Ward
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