18 Beautiful Ireland Towns and Irish Villages

Ireland towns and villages include sandy beaches, archeological sites, hilly streets, and Irish castles dating back centuries. One thing they all have in common is a slew of friendly pubs where weary travelers can rest their feet and enjoy a meal! You really can’t go wrong, but there are some that stand out on travelers’ lists.

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Here are 18 of the prettiest towns in Ireland and Irish villages:


Adare one of the prettiest Ireland towns
Adare, Ireland. Photo by Doug Kerrr/Flickr

Located in County Limerick, the village of Adare (shown in the photo above) was founded on the River Maire in the 13th century. Tourist attractions include Desmond Castle, a Franciscan Friary, ruins, thatched cottages, and a pretty park. It’s 15 minutes from Limerick City.

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Athlone one of the prettiest Ireland towns
Athlone. Photo by Johnida Dockens/Flickr


The castle of Athlone is beautiful and the town, which is located on the River Shannon in County Westmeathe, has many houses painted in bright colors, as well as boutiques and restaurants.

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Birr one of the prettiest Ireland towns
Birr. Photo by Andreas F. Borchert/Wikimedia Commons


This County Offaly town is one of the best Georgian towns in the country. It has wide streets, pretty Emmet Square, and John’s Hall, which looks like a Greek temple. The Parsons family still lives in Birr Castle, where you can tour the house and gardens. There is also a monastery and the Leviathan of Parsonstown, an old telescope that was the biggest in the world until the early 20th century.

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p.s. Here’s a cool-looking farmhouse I found in Birr called The Ring Farmhouse:

The Ring Farmhouse in Birr, Ireland
The Ring Farmhouse in Birr, Ireland


Carlingford one of the prettiest Ireland towns
Carlingford. Photo by Norman McMullan/Flickr


The town of Carlingford in County Louth includes Medieval streets, the Church of the Holy Trinity from that era, and the Thosel, or “town gate,” which is one of the remaining few in the country. The views are incredible and the fishing trade is very active; crabs and oysters are in abundant supply and there is an annual oyster festival.

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Cobh one of the prettiest Ireland towns
Cobh. Photo by psyberartist/Flickr


The town of Cobh is on the southern shore of Ireland, in County Cork. It’s an important harbor, and millions of emigrants have sailed from it; it was also the Titanic’s final destination. Local attractions include a wildlife park, St. Coleman’s Cathedral with 47 bells, Barryscourt Castle, and the brightly colored houses and hilly streets.

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Dalkey one of the prettiest Ireland towns
Dalkey. Photo by Richard Anderson/Flickr

The seaside village of Dalkey is south of Dublin in County Dublin, and includes Dalkey Castle (where “living history” actors work to entertain tourists), mountaintops with panoramic views of the sea, great beaches, and nice restaurants. There are guided literary walks, where they will bring you to settings from works by James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, and more.

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Dingle one of the prettiest Ireland towns
Dingle. Photo by Jane Nearing/Flickr

The medieval town of Dingle in County Kerry sits on a hilltop overlooking a harbor full of colorful fishing boats. There’s a historic church, diners, and some pubs, as well as the Dingle lighthouse.

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Donegal one of the prettiest Ireland to
Donegal, Ireland. Photo by ernie_greatoutdoors/Flickr

This town in the northwest of Ireland in County Donegal is home to the gothic Donegal Castle, built in 1474, as well as beaches, a lake, a harbor, valleys, and rocky shores.

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Pause for a fun Donegal discovery I made!

I recently found out about this store online called The Irish Store. They have home goods, jewelry, food, and clothing. The fashion photos they shot there are beautiful. Anyhow, here’s an example. This sweater is handmade using yarn from south Donegal, near the village of Kilcar. When I checked it was on sale for approx. $70 and it only costs about $10 to ship it anywhere in the world.

Ireland towns include Donegal, where this sweater was made
Handmade Donegal sweater from The Irish Store


Here’s another sweater crafted in Westport (the last town on this list) in soft merino wool. It’s approx. $129. Had to share!

Westport, Ireland, Sweater from The Irish Store
Sweater from The Irish Store


Okay, now back to the towns and villages!


Enniskerry, one of the prettiest towns in Ireland, includes Powerscourt.
Powerscourt in Enniskerry. Photo by Borvan53/Wikimedia Commons

In County Wicklow, the town of Enniskerry is situated on the Glencullen River, at the base of Wicklow Mountain. The Powerscourt Estate here includes a large Palladian-style house, a huge waterfall, and 47 acres of gardens. This is also where the five-star Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa is (check out my new 2017 review of the hotel!). Many movies have been shot here, including The Count of Monte Cristo.

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Gweedore one of the prettiest Ireland towns
Gweedore. Photo by Sue Mischyshyn/Wikimedia Commons


The northwestern town of Gweedore in County Donegal is the largest town in Ireland where the residents speak Gaelic. Picture endless sandy beaches that include a shipwrecked vessel, mountains, and the largest national park in Ireland (Glenveagh National Park and Castle). The pub and music scene is very lively—this is where Enya and the band Clannad got their careers started.

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Inistioge, one of the prettiest Ireland towns
Inistioge. Photo by Steven Tan/Flickr

Located in the southeast in County Kilkenny, Inistioge is surrounded by miles of forests and hills. It’s on the River Nore, and counts among its attractions the restored Woodstock Gardens and Arboretum, the pretty tree-lined streets of the village, ruins of the 13th-century Augustinian Priory, and a lovely bridge.

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Kilkenny is one of the prettiest Ireland towns
Kilkenny. Photo by Stefan Jurgensen/Flickr

The town of Kilkenny, in County Kilkenny, includes among its attractions the local castle above the River Nore, Medieval Mile, lots of abbeys, and the pretty manor houses. This is a great stopping point as you cross the country. It can be reached by car, bus, and train (and bike!). There are tons of great hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, and pubs.

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Kinsale, one of the prettiest towns and villages in Ireland
Kinsale. Photo by Colin Harris/Flickr


The hilly fishing town of Kinsale in County Cork has narrow streets leading down steep hills to the sea. It’s located on the River Brandon and is a major destination for foodies; restaurants abound, as well as galleries and pubs.

There’s a historic church (Saint Multose) dating to the year 1190; 16th-century Desmond Castle; and Charles Fort, which offers amazing views of the harbor. In 2014, the town was named the National Large Tourism Town.

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Knightstown on Valentia Island is one of the prettiest Ireland towns
Knightstown on Valentia Island. Photo by Jibi44/Wikimedia Commons


Knightstown is on the island Valentia, which is in County Kerry, in the southwest of Ireland, connected to the mainland by a bridge. In the early 1990s archeologists found fossilized footprints here dating to 385 million years ago! A main attraction is Glanleam House and its subtropical gardens.

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Lismore Castle is in one of the most beautiful Ireland towns and villages
Lismore Castle. Photo by Charles Gattis/Flickr

Lismore is in County Waterford, at the base of the Knockmealdown Mountains. There’s an 800-year-old medieval Lismore Castle on top of a hill, and its famous visitors from the past include Fred Astaire.

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Portmagee is among the prettiest Ireland towns and villages
Portmagee. Photo by Paolo C/Flickr

A small fishing town in County Kerry, Portmagee has beaches, a harbor, a heritage trail, and is in close proximity to Skellig Island, where Star Wars: The Force Awakens shot one of its most important scenes. If you’ve seen the movie, remember that rocky island in the middle of nowhere? That’s Skellig.

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Strandhill Beach is in one of the prettiest Ireland towns
Strandhill Beach. By Jon Sullivan/Wikimedia Commons


Surfers love Strandhill, a coastal town at the western foot of Knocknarea Mountain in County Sligo. Apart from the gorgeous beach, attractions include the 200-year-old thatched cottages, the huge tombs of Carrowmore, festivals, and a famous golf course.

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Strandhill and Sligo and among the prettiest Ireland towns and villages
Cottage in Sligo, in Strandhill area off R292. Photo by Joseph Mischyshyn/Wikimedia Commons


Westport is among the most beautiful Ireland towns
Westport. Photo by Stacy/Wikimedia Commons

Part of County Mayo, Westport is one of the only planned Ireland towns, designed in the late-18th century. It includes a river, tree-lined streets, bridges, and Westport House, which was built on the site of the old O’Malley Castle.

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What are your favorite Ireland towns and villages? Please leave a comment.



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