Wedding Budget Tips That Can Save You Money

Wedding budget tips from Tony Conway
Figuring out your wedding budget is probably the hardest decision of all. You want the event to be perfect, but you quickly discover that things you assumed wouldn’t cost much can actually raise the bill tremendously. If you’re already feeling stressed out about it, remember that you’re in good company and there are easy solutions for dealing with it!...

Wedding Reception Ideas and Planning

Wedding reception table
There’s one inevitable fact about weddings that you should accept now, so you won’t be surprised later: Not everything on your wedding day will go exactly as you have planned. But rather than discouraging you, it should inspire you to get even more organized about your wedding reception. “You should plan every detail possible, including what you’ll do in case of...

Wedding Registries: 23 Best Stores and Websites

Wedding registries include silverware and china
Wedding registries have come a long way since the days when your only option was to show up in a store with a pen in hand. But it still takes time. If you’re ready to sign up for a wedding registry, set aside time to consider all of the many options before you commit to anything. “First, you have to...